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The miniature sets from the 2005 Sculpting Competition are in stock and ready to ship- choose between the Winners Set or the Judge's Choice What Women Want Too Set (which the judge's also wanted - fair play, its what the competition is about after all).

Both sets are a very festive 10 pounds each, and a discounted 18 quids for the caboodle.

Coming soon news, WK has completed the massive WWII showcases, to extend our frother coverage well into the last century, while contributions from the common soldiery are in pre-production to follow straight through to this century, with zombie hunter/survivor and street violence showcase fun. Trolls too, from our resident Trollologist, Jakar Nilson.

What a great Christmas/Hannukah/Yule/Saturnalia this will be!


FU!UK are partnering Jason "Mancha" Moses for the Sixth Chick Challenge Painting Competition. To celebrate, we dedicated the second Pro-Am Sculpting Competition to this new partnership. The theme was "Female Figures That Women Would Buy", a response to complaints that all 28mm womanhood was represented by silicone barbies in chainmail bikinis.

Congratulations to project leader WK, and a massive, massive thanks to our judges (Sue Wachowski, Alison McVey, Angela Imrie and Jennifer Haley) not only for providing the results (and some much needed glamour) but for a very detailed rundown of how they came to their conclusions (which you can view in the Competition Galleries).

The Froth Forums now have a genuine "ignore" feature for all those turned off by having to plough through posts containing utter drivel or the very rare offensive material posted by a tiny minority (less than 85%) of users.

WK's WW1 has completed his WWI Miniatures Showcase, to complement the Pulp and Weird World War II Showcases from earlier in the year and will be getting back to the WWII Showcase when the all the ends of the Sculpting Competition have been tied up. Well done for Area 23 on providing a badly needed update to the Beastmen Showcase, with the assistance of Rob.


The Colonel Marbles Miniature Figurine is now on sale in the FU!UK shop! After a very successful pre-release at Salute 2005 we are proud to bring you, the frother public, this fantastic Shane "gwartisan" Hoyle exclusive. 26mm tall and mean as a box of badgers, we almost guarantee your life will be significantly improved if you purchase this figure.

The picture record from our visit to Salute 2004, in full colour, is now online, just under a year late. OK just over a year late. We'll get the next one in quicker (maybe).

Theres also some lovely new showcases for you pulp fans, crafted by the incredibly wise White Knight. Check out the Pulp Showcase and Weird World War II Showcase, with the "straight" WWI and WWII showcases close behind.


Sales are now closed for the The Alice in Wonderland Sculpting Competition winners, as the rights to the figures now revert to their sculptors. Thanks to everyone who bought a set and especially to those who had to wait while we sorted out the contents of the Runners Up set. You can still check out all of the entries in the competition galleries- great stuff and an inspiration to us - and we look forward to seeing the first painted sets on the forums!

Talking of painting on the forums we are about to launch a new painters forum for you to share your paint jobs, compare techniques and bask in the glory of the ace pro painters that have been joining the boards in recent times. Look forward to seeing you and your galleries there!


Alice in Wonderland Sculpting Competition winners go on sale, along with a second set of competition runners-up. Congratulations again to all of the winners and thanks to everyone who took part, from the professional and amateur sculptors (including some incredible first-time efforts) to our celebrity judges who somehow picked out the winners.

You can also now see the Judges Comments for each figure that was entered- if you didn't win, hopefully these will help you to improve for next time!

Lots of funny business with Russian porn/bling/drugs merchants peppering the boards with spam and false registrations and even lost the main site page to some Brazilian wierdoes/c***s for the best part of this weekend. Remember don't visit any weird looking urls and don't reply in the forums to any spam posts- just report them to the moderators and we'll clean them up as soon as we can.


Winners of the first FU!UK Miniature Sculpting Competition announced as follows: Alice category: Kev "Hasslefresian" White's excellent and alarmingly sexy gunwoman. Royal Court category: Brad Shier's Ogre Queen 'Other' section: Bob Olley's Alice and Caterpillar scene.

Congratulations to all who took part, especially to the winners, and a special congratulations to Kai "Fatgoblin" Teck, whose amateur sculpt topped the 'Tea Party' group. Thanks again to our judges, and to frother White Knight for making it all happen. Huzzah!

Jakar Nilson's excellent exploration of Victorian Science Fiction is completed. The final chapter takes us even deeper into pseudo-imperialist weirdness with the VSF: Other Showcase - an amalgam of all non-human life from alien invaders to Dwarven redcoats- even flying monkeys!


The first Frothers Unite Sculpting Competition takes off with more than 20 entries from across the globe, with professionals and amateurs alike gracing us with their excellent creations. You might well find a green by your favourite sculptor but you'll also be impressed by the quality of amateur entries too - we were.

Our 'celebrity' judges for the competition - Pete Brown (mouldmaker.com), Sturmhalo and Tom Meier (thunderboltmountain.com) - join contest organiser White Knight to decide on the winners, which will be cast up in real lead* and made available exclusively through FU!UK... for a limited time only.

* Real, as in real non-toxic lead substitute, obviously


Lots of news since February (oops) ...

26th February 2004

Founding member frotherbAz retires from active duty. Colonel Marbles Miniatures Masterworks reveals new Orc Showcase, authored by frother Grom, with layout design by Captain White Knight! A huge four page list of Orc manufacturers, from 'Rings' substitutes to space orcs! Also from the Colonel's workshop, the November Masterworks is online, soon to be followed by the December (and, er, January) edition (thanks Rob).

WK has been updating his pages (unlike most). Reviews, miniature size comparisons... too much to list, but you might start with 'Fishtank Accessories: wargames scenery from aquariums', or possibly the Orc Miniature Sizes comparator, which is a great complement to the Orc Showcase and makes some mention of Dave.

'Dave' is the biggest news of all, as the Frothers open their on-line shop exclusively to sell exclusive copies of the Frothers Unite Orc! Donated to the frother cause (minus costs) by most excellent frothers Pete Brown (peteb) and Seth Nash (waxfive), this mini is a top class sculpt and unique figure which would not be available at all otherwise! Hurrah!

24th December 2003

FU!UK AGM. Chair:WK; Sec: DD; Treas: Col.M. Web: Doc; Rules: fBaz. Rob joins committee.

White Knight launches his own frothzone- The White Knight's Miniature Castle, extending the miniatures content of the site to cover conversions and size comparisions and adding reviews for new Grognard miniatures and anime film Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.August, September and October Masterworks complete. Pirates Showcase, Chaos Knight Showcase, Fantasy & Gothic Terrain Showcase complete.

Minor updates to the Fantasy Warriors pages.

9th October 2003

Frothforum membership pass 100, 6,000 articles posted. Zombie Army Showcase posted. Rob becomes associate member and joins the Colonel Marbles Team.

25th July 2003

Frothforum membership pass 80, 6,000 articles posted.

4 More Army Showcases- Vampire, Norse Dwarf, Dark Elf, and Fishmen.

9th October 2003

Frothforum membership pass 100, 6,000 articles posted. Zombie Army Showcase posted. Rob becomes associate member and joins the Colonel Marbles Team.

25th July 2003

Frothforum membership pass 80, 6,000 articles posted.

4 More Army Showcases- Vampire, Norse Dwarf, Dark Elf, and Fishmen.

15th May 2003

Colonel Marbles appears (as graffiti) in 2000AD.

Frothforums passes 2,000 posts (since re-opening) with 45 registered members. Hits for April reach 10,000 per day (8,177 total site visits).

April Masterworks published. Salute 2003 report published on Colonel Marbles' pages.

New Showcases: Wood Elves, Bears, Eagles & Hawks and a four-page special All Things Boney by White Knight. Colonel Marbles opens new Mailing Lists- noisy and quiet for full on and part time miniatures frothers- with automatic suscription page.

Full scan of "The Team That Went to War" episode uploaded to the Battle Site.

15th April 2003

There is a new look for the front page... you like?

Colonel Marbles has added a full scan to his Battle Site, one of his favourite episodes of Johnny Red! Beware though that its a long download....

See it here!

2nd April 2003

The March Colonel Marbles Masterworks has arrived, and theres the usual front page update too, with news and miniature of the moment.

11th March 2003

The frothForums return!

We're pretty chuffed to have them back! Thanks to the webmonkey team, especially “gothbunny”, for their assistance. Now go there and post some messages!

Also new is Colonel Marble's February Masterworks, with news and metal miniatures galore, and some new stuff in our Fantasy Warriors frothzone, including articles and commentary by Doug Cowie, ex- of Grenadier and now of em-4. Nice!

17th February 2003

Mm, finally new Fantasy Warriors content! The favoured game of the frother community is getting a bit of notice in the gamer community, and deservedly getting a bit more attention from us here too. We've dug up old FW articles, including official 1st edition army lists and rules updates, and will be transferring them to the Fantasy Warriors frothzone as soon as our scanners cool down from this latest lot.

frotherBaz has stepped in with another of his superb game reviews... this one for the game of Tarantino vegetables, Weed Killer! Why do I gotta be Mr Lettuce?!?

Whats more theres the new Colonel Marbles Masterworks to get your teeth stuck into- news and pics from the world of little lead men!

Can't wait! Mmm!

15th January 2003

Site back up... Colonel Marbles gets published! The brave Colonel has penned an article in the 2000AD Megazine, a retrospective on the Battle action comic focusing on everyone's favourite overzealous and viciously racist company commander Captain Joe Darkie!! Issue #202, which should be in your (UK) shops right now... Another coup for the Colonel, hurrah!

2th January 2003
Site down! Argh!

24th December
Frothzones temporarily disabled to facilitate host transfer... they'll be back soon!! :)

18th December
FU!UK AGM Results:
Chair-Dead Deputy; Treasurer-frotherbAz; Secretary-Doc
Webmaster-Doc; Rulesmaster-UnclEvl

Welcome one and all! To celebrate my inauguration as webmaster, I've given the Frothzones a tidy, adding default avatars (so that people too lazy to register or get a 32x32 GIF loaded up don't spoil it for everyone) and putting links to the latest topics on the frontpage (above). Yes, I know its javascript, but it works on my cr*ppy work setup so you can just deal with it (or go to the Froth Forums yourself, on your own time).

Next I'm off to Homebase for a lick of paint. Anyone got a favourite colour scheme?


More radically, we are set to move host again at years end (damn, did I vote for that too?). Hopefully you won't see any glitches out there in frotherland, but bear with us if we lose a few jpgs or posts on the forum, its only natural. Sorry to our current hosts (1&1), who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone with more moderate needs that ours, but with a community based site like our own we need a few features you aren't offering (in particular multiple FTP accounts, which make managing the output of our contributors SO much easier).

Talking of which, Colonel Marbles tells us that not only is the November Masterworks now up, but that he is continuing to update the Battle Comic frothzone with news of Battle strips being reprinted in the 2000AD Megazine... due in no small part to his constant badgering I'll warrant! Congrats Colonel!

Thats Colonel M's Christmas sorted. Now what about you guys? More frothing you say?

Well you'd better let the FU!UK elves get on with it then hadn't you? ;)


27th November

With Br. Maynard on Hard Drive replacement duties I'm on watch. And not a moment too soon, or how would you find out about the new Colonel Marbles Masterworks? Tell me that eh?

Well OK you could just go back and check that page every day I suppose. Even then you might not realise that the delayed October Masterworks was up too! Thats a NEW Masterworks, in exclusive October flavour!

OK you probably would. But then you might not realise that frotherbAz's new Doomtown deck now had comments from both UnclEvl and myself. And we'll keep on making changes, here and in the froth forums, including the changes you want to see, so why not tell us what they are?

Er, unless you are a cretin of course, in which case you could spare us your thoughts I suppose.


16th October

Hoorah!!!  Something new!!!

That ol' nutter FrotherbAz has just got in touch and informed me that he has some new froth with which he wants to unleash on the web!!!  I was a bit concerned at first but don't worry it's all perfectly harmless.  Honestly.  

If you click here you can take a look see at a deck idea for the game DoomTown - it even has some advice from UnclEvl as well!!!

That's not all though gentle reader, for FrotherbAz has also spawned off a review of the tabletop skirmish game, Weed Killer!!!  Click here to take a wee gander at the review.

25th September

OOps, left you hanging a bit there!

Yes, there is indeed a new edition of the Masterworks on the Colonel's page, incorporating of course the latest (August) Masterworks Monthly Update, reviewing and previewing the latest miniature releases from around the world like. August... that must mean its nearly time for the next one... AArg!

We are really VERY excited about our new frothforums! Very very very excited!

No really, we are that sad!

This really is the dog's wassnames though, all made possible by our shift to a provider that gives us php without charging the earth. Join in now, theres already discussions on the history of froth and New Line Cinema's exploitation of the Lord of the Rings license. If that sounds deadly dull, why not tell us what issues you care about?? We'll take up any topic, if we can work out what you're on about!

Don't panic either if you've left a message in the old frothforum (as it will henceforth be known), as you can still drop by and have a look at it ("...my name on the web..!"), at least til the end of the year. And feel free to copy your old message onto the new board!! I'm afraid we won't be restoring the functionality of the old page though, and you'll get a rather rude message if you try to reply to a message there... sorry! We really can't be arsed with it since we got the new one!

Don't forget to register either, as it lets you upload a little avatar (a piccy up to 32x32) to accompany all your pithy comments, gives you some additional rights (here, as in Miami, you need to register if you want to vote) and more importantly makes us think we are contributing something worthwhile to society. And as Mr Webby says, we're even now looking at the many ways it can be used to change the face of frothing altogether (though that might need javascript too).

And somehow we've managed to miss over-publicising Colonel Marbles' latest side-project... his fanpage devoted to the "the late '70's and early '80's classic British War comic, 'Battle'" is now a full-on frothzone!

Yes, you must find your froth where you can (or to be more accurate, your froth will find you no matter what other plans you had at the time), and the old Colonel has long been struck by a crippling lust for ancient and decidedly un-PC war comics!! Johnny Red, Major Eazy, Panzer G-Man and the inimitable Captain Darkie all make an appearance, and if you don't know them you might recognize the 2000AD characters they evolved into. Die Britischer pigs!!

Fantastic stuff here, chock full of pics and retrospectives to make you regress to a childhood state and a good old letters page too (not yet linked to the fantastic new froth forums, did I mention them yet?).

Great work Colonel, we were only waiting for you to finish the front page, honestly!

Theres yet again more on the horizon, in addition to the daft projects we keep assuring you will be completed this year. Apologies again for the update delays!

18th September

Much news, much news. New Froth Boards!!! New Col. Marbles Masterworks!!! More rants from frotherBaz!!! More Revelations from UnclEvl's Shed!!! And much, much more!!!

In fact there's so much happening and going on right now that I haven't the time to really update the front page fast enough!!!


There are plans afoot that will REVOLUTIONISE the way that Frothers go about their frothing!!! Well, that's the theory. It's putting it into practice that's proving to be quite tricky... ;-)

19th July

Once again ol' Col. Marbles has come up trumps with yet another Marvelous Miniature Masterworks. I've seen a sneaky-peak at the latest Col. Marbles Masterworks Extravaganza!!! Let me tell you gentle reader that I was very impressed!!! The latest edition should be out sometime soon...

27th June

The latest edition of Col. Marbles frontpage has arrived! Check here to take a wee quick gander.

31st May
Another encoded communique was received from ol' Col. Marbles late last night. So click here to see the latest Col. Marbles Masterworks Extravaganza!!!

8th May

Much news, much news!!!

Firstly, Col. Marbles protege Fanboy has been in touch and to quote...

    "OK my main 'Battle' tribute page is up and the 'Major Easy' subsection is also up." -Fanboy

So click here to see what's been keeping Col. Marbles and Fanboy up late at night!!! Oo-er missus!!!

Secondly, an encoded communique was received from ol' Col. Marbles. So click here to see the latest Col. Marbles Masterworks Extravaganza!!!

... and finally, word has reached me in my small candle lit alcove that the Dead Deputy may have something new pretty soon emerging from his crypt!!! Also, a new frother, by the name of Goth-Bunny-Boy has been recruited into the ranks of Frotherdom who may be helping out frotherBaz on a new project!!! Can't wait, much excitement!!!

29th April

Crikey... the Salute Weekend Mini-FrotherCon is over. So what did happen and was it worth it? Our thoughts on what *REALLY* occured Coming Soon!!!

27th April

We're all off to Salute!!! Hoorah!!! Let's hope it's not a load of old pony...

26th April

UnclEvl is in London!!! The Salute Weekend Mini-FrotherCon has begun. Let the froth flow!!!

13th April

FU-UK: Colonel Marbles SALUTE t-shirts have now arrived!!!

Just seen em... and they are well cool!


2nd April 2002

Colonel Marbles March Masterworks is ready!

Come here to see the latest miniatures in frotherdom, along with the comments of the frotherteam.

18th March 2002

frotherbAz and White Knight have completed their Mutant Army Showcase, which lists alternative manufacturers for Beastman and other mutant miniatures!

14th March 2002

Dang, we've been so busy frothing away we forgot to update the news section! If you think we've been idle, well guess again sonny.

The general overhaul of the site continues, with the UnclEvl and Colonel Marbles frothzones each recieving a make-over. Excellent and readable, or over-stylised junk? You tell us!

UnclEvl has teamed up with Fanboy to bring a significant new addition to our CCG section, a reverent look at that old game-of-the Gods, Heresy, featuring an interesting peek at the lost final set, Demiurge.

Meanwhile UnclEvl (a busy man) has also treated us to a new set of strap-ons for the superb "Zombies!" boardgame from the sadly defunct Journeyman Press. Check it out here.... Romero-tastic!

And did that flurry of activity stop him from publishing his patented Uruk-Balt (Swamp Orcs) army list for the Fantasy Warriors wargame? Did it feck!

19th February 2002

Inspired by Stratelibri's announcement that the Fantasy Warriors wargame will be released with a second version (shortly available in English!) we have given our Fantasy Warriors section a revamp! The new rules are available to download for free... can't say much fairer than that can you? -Doc

13th February 2002

Wowsa! The frothers have been mighty busy trying to give the site a nice new look for 2002!

"Out with the old, in with new," as Webmaster Maynard said before embarking on a mysterious mission to the Far East. We hope he's happy with our efforts, or we'll be for it! Eep!

Let us know what you think, especially if you are having trouble viewing our newest facelift... we tested it with the crappiest browsers we could lay our hands on (even some tragic efforts by a guy called Gates) but if we can help lower-end users join the frother revolution, let us know how! If you have any comments on our new look, or any aspect of the site, hit our frothboard (or indeed our webmaster) and let us know. -Doc

Take a look and see what we looked like before our update(in IE5)...

The Old Website

9th February 2002

OK 'nuff of the celebrations the new year has really kicked in now and it seems like the holidays are about thirty million years away... still at least...

Col. Marbles has gotten in touch again and the Miniature Masterworks for January is complete - you are welcome to come along at see it.

Up and coming at frothersunite is an all new look and feel to the website as we get on with some early spring cleaning. Look out for this development over the coming weeks.

You may also want to know that whilst not much appears to have been going on recently we are nevertheless working tirelessly on a number of different projects. Apart from the site overhaul that is. So please keep an eye on the site over the coming month....

- bAz

16th January 2002

It was a new year... and there was plenty of stuff going on at Frothersunite Central...

Colonel Marbles got in touch and the Miniature Masterworks for December was finally completed.

UnclEvl undertook an early spring clean of his shed. If you got the nerves go in there and take a look... no seriously... you won't regret it... honest...

On a personal note, Maynard said that Frothersunite! would be undergoing a few changes. It was. That is... until his helpful little elves decided to not be so helpful at all... i.e. (his computer blew up) Nevertheless, everything was taken care of and the elves were replaced by steam-powered automatons.

7th December 2001

Frothersunite! will be undergoing a few changes over the xmas festive holiday period.

So as the new Webmaster I would like to apologise in advance for any disruption to your festive frothings... hopefully my team of helpful little elves and myself shall be able to keep any and all disruptions down to a minimum.

If however you find any glaring errors do please get in contact.

Enjoy the festive holiday and keep on frothing!!!

4th December 2001

Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks for November is finally complete- come and see it!

28th November 2001

A new frothzone has emerged from the ichor! The insidious "Dead Deputy" brings you his musings on life and unlife, from the World of Darkness™ to Dark Future. Dark indeed! Mwoahaha!

21st November 2001

Doomtown pages makeover! New layout and amazing new articles!

17th November 2001

frotherBaz's "frothings" on Serious gamers.



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