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The second FU!UK International Pro-Am Sculpting Competition has left its final phase, so thanks once again to everyone who took part, and a massive extra thanks to our celebrity judging panel (Sue Wachowski, Alison McVey, Angela Imrie and Jennifer Haley) who lent us an ill-deserved air of legitimacy as we searched for the perfect set of female figures... that women would buy.

The judges made their decision, and the winners' sculpts were lovingly pressed into moulds capable of recreating all of the magic that was squeezed into the original putty, and all for the benefit of you, the frothing public.

For the first time in recorded history, a set of miniatures is became available that had been scientifically proven to bridge the gap between male and female miniature collectors! History was made.

As with previous competitions, the rights to the figures have now reverted to the sculptors- so look out for their updates to the figures here! While you are here, why not pop along to the products page to see what other great miniatures you could be missing from your collection?

+++ NEWS +++

The Sculpting Competition figures are no longer available.We hope to see a few of these figures as entries in the Chick Challenge VI painting competition, which we are hosting this year!

Keep watching for news of the next FU!UK Pro-Am Sculpting Competition.

Link to Chick Challenge  page

The winners were as follows:

Kev "Hasslefree" White's 'Beach Babe', an amazing curvaceous babe soaking up the sun along with the attention of every guy on the beach.

A fantastic rendition of the three traditional 'Aspects of the Goddess' (maiden, mother and crone) - much pagan fun for all from Drew Williams.

Javier Marín's 'Fairy' is a beautiful figure and a blessing for the end of any garden.

Its that Kevin White again, this time with a wonderfully ethereal depiction of a figure from a Waterhouse painting, and simply titled 'Miranda'. He KNOW what women be wantin'!

Click on the thumbnails below to get a good look at these fantastic figures...

Frother Comments

" Wow!! Who woulda though a figure of me with my humungous butt in a tiny bikini would win a sculpting contest! " - Sally 'Mrs Hasslefresian' White

" I'm quite glad not to be judging this year." - PeteB

" I can't get over her funbags. Awesome. " - Zordana

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