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Once again, thanks to everyone who took part in our second FU!UK International Pro-Am Sculpting Competition, and a massive extra thanks to our celebrity judging panel (Sue Wachowski, Alison McVey, Angela Imrie and Jennifer Haley) who were kind enough to lend us their time and added comments for all of the entries for our Competition Galleries. Though the competition has ended now, we can all still bask in the glory, bright as it was.

+++ NEWS+++

These figures, and those from the 2005 Winners Set, are no longer available to buy from the store, with the rights having reverted to their sculptors as per the terms of the competition.

Some will be re-released by their new lucky owners (the original sculptors), usually with some adjustments, others will be lost into the aether.

Look out for these figures in new guises as their original sculptors attempt to turn their kudos into cash dollars, and as entries in the Chick Challenge VI painting competition, as hosted this year by the team at FU!UK.

Link to Chick Challenge  page

The winners were as follows:

John "poshgoblin" Pickford's Goblin Queen set, a powerful woman who commands respect from her followers while retaining an excellent taste in furniture.

Guillaume Rieu's 'Knight's Daughter' (or 'Don't Touch Daddy's Stuff') was one of the competition's big talking points. A charming study of a girl unfettered by societal expectations, and *soooo cute*!

Ebob impressed the judges with a beautiful female sculpt in a flowing dress that would look fantastic gazing over any medieval fantasy landscape.

Brad Shier delved into oriental fantasy for Po-Nya and Temple Dog- one woman and her over-sized pet on a quest for enlightenment.

Click on the thumbnails below to get a closer look at these beautiful figures...

Frother Comments

" Knight's Daughter is wonderful! A sharp cartoon styled character piece with a concept so strong and distinctive it immediately inspires me to wanna sculpt one myself, " -Drew Williams

" Some excellent entries there! And not just the monkey! " - Rob

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