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Article for the V:TES CCG by Mike Nudd, originally published in Scrye 8.5


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Unlike their counterparts, the Brujah antitribu devote themselves almost entirely to one simple strategy: kill things. The only choices to make when playing the clan are in regards to how to get into combat, and how to inflict the most hideous damage once there. When your prey’s vampires are gone you can bleed him dry.

The two disciplines Celerity and Potence prove very effective when combined in combat together. Celerity can be used to dodge opposing strikes, to gain additional strikes, to manoeuvre and to press. Potence increases your strike damage to great effect. Torn Signpost or Fire in the Blood is a great way to start, following through with any one of the myriad of Potence strike cards. Pushing the Limit inflicts the most close-range damage of all, but at long range opt for Sacrament of Carnage or even a Thrown Sewer Lid. Burning Wrath can be expensive, and although burning vampires can be fun, using Decapitate is often more efficient, and more of a surprise for an unsuspecting opponent.

Unfortunately, the Brujah’s range of disciplines do not offer any form of intercept, and although packing several Sport Bike cards, plus a Mr Winthrop and a Rumor Mill: Tabloid Newspaper is wise, you are much better off attacking your targets directly, or simply let them block you instead. To ‘rush’ your opponents, use Ambush, Bum’s Rush, Haven Uncovered or perhaps a War Party. If you can pass a Templar vote then you can attack unhindered at whim. Alternatively, pack your deck with Presence bleed cards, so that your opponent is left with the terrible no-win choice of a) losing lots of pool, or b) losing a vampire.

Brujah combat decks are not all fun however, and problems come in two kinds. The first problem is keeping the opposing vampire in combat when it doesn’t want to be there, as a variety of strike: combat ends effects that can render your best efforts moot. Luckily, Sabbat War provides one crucial card: Immortal Grapple. I cannot possibly stress to you how important this card is if you are to kill off non-combatant vampires effectively. It prevents not just strike: combat ends, but also all dodges and other pesky combat effects such as Coma or Entombment. The other problem comes when facing other heavy combat decks, as the Brujah do not have any significant access to damage prevention, and although Sideslip can help, this is often not enough to stop your own minions from going to torpor. You will often find that you will have to make very clever use of range, dodges and additional strikes just to keep your vampires in the game. In addition, you would be wise to include Taste of Vitae cards to keep your fighting vampires topped up with blood.

You may find that your strategy will be boosted through the cunning use of equipment cards - Flak Jacket and Leather Jacket cards can help with damage prevention, and weapons can boost both your hand and ranged strikes to great effect. The Sword of Judgement and the Crimson Sentinel are the best close-range weapons of all. If you are worried about your equip actions being blocked then stick to non-unique items and use Pier 13, Port of Baltimore to acquire them (although you need to get this out first).

Lastly, never forget to include some form of pool gain. Gang Territory is a great card to get out early in the game, and also throw in Blood Doll, Minion Tap and Tribute to the Master cards to recoup the blood you spend. Also top your minions up with Amusement Part Hunting Ground, Festivo Dello Estinto or The Hungry Coyote.

Example Brujah Deck: "I don’t like you either!"

CRYPT (12):

Amelia x2
Beast, Leatherface of Detroit x2
Jacob Bragg
Richter x2
Victor Tolliver


Acrobatics x4
Ambush x4
Amusement Park Hunting Ground
Blood Doll x5
Blur x4
Bum’s Rush x4
Decapitate x2
Disarm x2
Flash x6
Forced Awakening x6
Gang Territory
Haven Uncovered x2
Immortal Grapple x6
The Hungry Coyote
Leather Jacket x4
Mr. Winthrop
Pulled Fangs x2
Pursuit x4
Pushing the Limit x3
Quickness x2
The Rumor Mill: Tabloid Newspaper
Sacrament of Carnage x3
Side Strike x4
Sideslip x6
Sports Bike
Taste of Vitae x4
Torn Signpost x4
Waste Management Operation