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Welcome to my crypt.

Avid visitors (heaven forbid that there should actually be any) may be pleased to note that I have had something of a spring clean. The corpses are gone and Renfield has bought me some air freshener to lighten the aroma of the place. He's even applied a lick of paint. Or was that that paint remover. Or was it acid, I wonder.

Excuse me? What's that over there? Well, to be honest I am not sure. When one is as old as I the memory is not what it once was. It may have once have been one of my victims, or maybe one of the cats dragged it in while I wasn't looking. Obviously Renfield did not do as good a job as I hoped. Just ignore it, and avoid stepping in it, and I'm sure all will be well.

But anyway, where was I. Yes. We've has a makeover. The walls have been stripped bare, and much of the tat has gone into the bin or down to the cub scout's jumble sale. I never realised how much room there was in here. Spartan, I think they used to call it. Minimalist is the term Renfield used. Apparently minimalism is now in.

Suffice to say I have been sorely neglecting my readers, with scarcely a new morsel for you for months, if not years (time does rather tend to fly by when you're out busy murdering people). Hopefully that will change a little as over the coming months I share with you some of my ramblings. And if not please feel free to contact me to remind my ailing, decrepid brain that you still exist.