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What is Frothers Unite! UK?

So what do us frothers have for you here? Well our aim is to pool our knowledge of frothing with the knowledge of the many great frothers out there to produce a resource that will enhance the quality of all our gaming experiences.

In our frothzones we ask our resident "experts" to give us the (somewhat dubious) benefit of their knowledge and experience in an aspect of the frothing world. Make sure you don't miss their contributions to the frother revolution.

In our reviews section we take a look at those games we thought you should know about, but which may have passed you by- glossy covers and colour plates does not a good game make, so we'll be bringing you the lowdown on the games we think you could be enjoying.

We want to bring you information on all aspects of the gaming world, but most of us also have to exist in the real world™ so its not all in place yet!

Even so, we think our sections on Collectible Card Games and Wargaming should be worthy of your attention, especially if you are interested in our particular pet games, the Fantasy Warriors wargame, the Doomtown and Vampire card games or even the classic Battle comics of the 70s and 80s.

And let us not forget the vast army of frothers already out there... it would be foolish for us to try and reproduce their efforts, so we make it our policy to point you at the most excellent and interesting other sites in our Links section.

Frothers of the world- unite! You have nothing to lose but that little spare time you have, plus any credibility you had with your peer group and (especially) your partner.

Perhaps you are a frother with something to offer the online frother community? If so then please: get in touch either by contacting our webmaster or leaving a message on our frothForums!!

What is a Frother?

As the latest dictionaries have yet to catch up with us, here is our definition of a frother:
"...one who as a result of childhood trauma or chemical imbalances seeks stimulation through exploring fantastical situations within a framework of rules. Frothers are so called because of the many small bubbles of saliva formed when they examine or discuss aspects of these situations, the rules, and any props required by the rules- usually at great length and with a completely unnecessary attention to detail. This makes them very unattractive to members of the opposite sex, thus compounding their trauma." - Doc

Get the idea? Some of us have been at this sort of thing for more than 20 years, which doesn't make us experts of course, but we hope there'll be something here that you didn't know or think of. We like any kind of game that requires some imagination, whether played out with cards, painted miniature figures, on a computer or just some with some dice and our brains. We've enacted epic fantasy battles, struggled against giant corporations and evil vampires, fired crossbows and laser pistols... all in the comfort of our living rooms (or more likely the upstairs of a pub).

So if you've ever read a book, or seen a film or play and thought (just for a second) "wouldn't it be cool if to actually do that...", then maybe theres a bit of frother in you too... and if you saw Lord of the Rings, read the books, listened to the radio play and still can't get enough, then you could have a real treat in store...


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