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Here at FU!UK we'd like to thank everyone who took part in our third Pro-Am Sculpting Competition, and as ever a massive extra thanks to our judging panel of Mark Copplestone, Alex "Witchunter" Bews, White Knight and Mark "UnclEvl" Booth.

Asylum Set One

These winners' sculpts were available from December 2006 to February 2007 for only 8 pounds, including a flat postage fee! Crazy!

Punters also received a free PDF copy of Woteva Games' amazing "Escape the Aylum" boardgame mailed to their very inbox, with character cards for all of the competition figures and the FU!UK Colonel Marbles figure!

Escape the Aylum boardgame
Find out more about the Escape the Asylum Boardgame from Woteva Games

Why not pop along to the products page to see if any of our other figures could smarten your collection?

+++ UPDATE +++

Sales closed for thes figures on the 7th of FEBRUARY 2007!

Some will be re-released by their the original sculptors (perhaps with some adjustments) while others will be sucked into a non-Euclidean universe forever.

Michael "Mabus" Brand's "Girl with Cthulhu doll" figure will now be available singly from Hasslefree Miniatures: pre-order from 12th March 2007

The winners were as follows:

Brad Shier's (Frozen Plant Studios) 'Night Watchman and Buster', the bumbling duo with the unfortunate job of shining a torch around the darkened corridors of the asylum. Norville and Buster are now available from Beaumont Miniatures Workshop.

Sarah... little girl with Cthulhu doll, by Michael "Mabus" Brand - a seemingly innocent visitor - but who just is she visiting? - Now available singly from Hasslefree Miniatures.

In the secret cells of the asylum are inmates so crazy that noone even knows their names. Like Richard "Woody" Ansell, or indeed his sculpt 'Lunatic 06'.

Finally Aaron Brown (Black Crab Sculpting) brings us "Beauty and the Beast" - the creature has escaped from the labs and is determined to smash his way out - but who is the child he is carrying through the corridors?

Click on the thumbnails below to get a good look at these fantastic figures...

Norville, Nightwatchman
Buster the Dog Norville and Buster
Norville and Buster
Norville and Buster
Sarah... little girl with Cthulhu doll Sarah... little girl with Cthulhu doll
Sarah... little girl with Cthulhu doll
Lunatic 06 Lunatic 06 Lunatic 06
Lunatic 06
Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast

Frother Comments

" Lots of interesting entries, I was impressed by the good ideas and poses used " - Mark Copplestone

" I'm quite glad that I didn't humiliate myself by entering this year (again) as the standard was a bit bloody good " - Ben Brownlie

"Lots of great entries and probably one of the stiffest competitions yet " - Mrs FPS

" I was going to do Brownlie, McGobbo and Duff, but I didn't have enough greenstuff. " - Woody

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