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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2004 FU!UK International Pro-Am Sculpting Competition. Here are the pictures of the figures that did not win their categories, but were so great that we had to have a full second set of figures. What a response!

These figures sold at £10 (and a ridiculous £20 for this set and the Winners Set), which even included postage to anywhere in the world, so I bet you're sick if you missed out.

Under the terms of the competition we only owned the rights to these figs for a TWO MONTH PERIOD, so now we pass the right back to their respective sculptors. Some you may see in slightly modified form in their catalogues, others will probably never be seen again (except 'expertly' painted versions on e-bay for extortionate sums).

This second set, after some confusion and kerfuffle, was made up as follows:

From the workbench of the amazing Drew Williams, inspired by an original Tenniel illustration (thought to be a caricature of the author himself) this figure will be instantly recognisable to any fan of Lewis Carrol or connoisseur of British illustrators. "The White Knight Falling Off His Horse"... so good we changed the rules to let it in!

By Shane "Tartan Spartan" Hoyle's very hand, a beautiful, anime style "early-bloomer" schoolgirl figure titled 'Alice'.

A fantastic champion for any Alice in Wonderland themed army (er) or a fantastic display piece that is bound to be a talking point, Ming-Hua "minimaker" Kao's Captain of the Cards. Such movement an animation in one made of wax-coated cardboard, I think David Hasslehof could learn a thing or two here.

And finally, and even though its not fair, a rediscovered Tartan Spartan sculpt, "The Queen", stern but regal and resplendent in her heart themed finery- a must for any coffee table or display cabinet.

Click on the thumbnails below to get a good look at these fantastic figures...

Frother Comments

" That White Knight looks great! He looks just like a Don Quixoté miniature I've had planned for ages. But better... " - Kev 'Hasslefresian' White

" I guess it is called something like Echii which only hints. Hentai is the full scale action, and even that has ruder branches according to our Anime/Manga expert.

"...otherwise I think it is a very nice mini worth to be among the winners or to add to my collections.
" -Catinator

"We're going to have to kill you now." - Doc, PeteB, Rob, WK

" What happened to the 'no "Through the Looking Glass"' restriction? " -Jakar Nilson

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