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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2004 FU!UK International Pro-Am Sculpting Competition. Here are the pictures of the figures that won their categories, and made it into the specially commissioned Winners Set, on sale through December and January of 2004/5.

These figures sold at £12 (a ridiculous price for this set, but then we are just crazy frothers with no business sense), which even includes postage to anywhere in the world, so I bet you're sick if you missed out.

Under the terms of the competition we only owned the rights to these figs for a TWO MONTH PERIOD, so now we pass the right back to their respective sculptors. Some you may see in slightly modified form in their catalogues, though the only one we are currently aware of is a revised sculpt of Kev White's "Alice" figure at Hasslefree Miniatures.

Others will probably never be seen again (except 'expertly' painted versions on e-bay for extortionate sums).

The winners were as follows:

Kev "Hasslefree" White's 'Alice and the White Rabbit, a gorgeous contemporary heroine complete with gun, slinky dress and a recently 'bagged' rabbit.

Brad Shier's 'Ogre Queen', a huge (50mm) study of royal tyranny, with heart sceptre and an 'Off wiv is ed' scowl.

Bob Olley's ' Hookah smoking caterpillar advises Alice' a beautiful and atmospheric diorama set in a land of huge mushrooms.

Kai "fatgoblin" Teck's 'Mad Hatter cringing in shocked outrage', a wonderfully observed pantomime fop in waistcoat and neckerchief, clutching his cuppa as he glares disapprovingly from under his topper.

Click on the thumbnails below to get a good look at these fantastic figures...

Frother Comments

" Best Olley ever! " - Kev 'Hasslefresian' White

" Well bugger me, I got a vote " -Rob

" When I saw the entries by Kev White I got worried that those might scare people off from entering. I was glad to see they didn't." - Ming-Hua "minimaker" Kao

"Mock goat ." -PeteB

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