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Welcome frothers to the Frothers Unite! UK Shopping channel! Here you will be enabled to purchase all manner of froth-related goodies to not only enrich your life but also line our pockets (thats "offset our enormous site costs" -Ed)!!

A note about the FU!UK Shopping Channel... Frothers Unite! is not and never will be a shop. This is not going to become our new front page and we are not going to end up with 'buy this' pop-ups all over the site.



Sales of the miniature sets produced from the Sixth FU!UK International Pro-Am Sculpting Competition are NOW CLOSED!

2009 Competition banner

The stars are out of alignment, the gate is now closed, the two month window is over and Frothers returns to its aeons long slumber under the sea.

An enormous thanks to everyone who took part, to all the winners for allowing us to produce the sets, and to everyone who supported the competition and the site by buying the figures!

The FU!UK Sculpting Competition Winners and Runners Up set, available only from 7 March to 6 May 2011.

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Any queries relating to the frother shopping channel should be referred to shop enquiries. FU!UK is not responsible for any acts of grand larceny carried out through its web site. I hope.