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Flaccid system letting you down? Why not try one of
UnclEvl's Strap-Ons
An eclectic mix of rules and paraphernalia as cooked up by
UnclEvl for some his favorite games. Contact the old bugger if you’d like to add to this content.

Role Playing Games:


Baron Munchausen
Some alternative rules for 'Wagering' in the game of tall tale telling.

Cybered Punk

Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi

Gaming ideas for futuristic games; including the cyberwhip.

Collectible Card Games:

Undead Gunslinger

Notes on the collectible card game set in the Deadlands world.

Skirmish and War Games:

Car at War

Car Wars


A few alternatives and amendments for the game of armageddon on tarmacaden.

Fairy Eater

Fairy Meat
Alternative combat mechanics and other assorted nonsense for the cannabilistic carnage fairy game.

Up Anchor

Man o' War


Set sail to the Doc's Advanced Sailing Rules for naval combat, fantasy style.

Board Games:




Spice it up with some meaty morsel chunks for the game of rampaging undead.

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Hello Boys and Girls,

Here's yer old pal,


UnclEvl Logo

For those of you that don't know him, the main thing to remember about old UnclEvl is that he's an inveterate meddler.

Lovely old UnclEvl

He can't even look at a game without he gets himself worked up into a froth frenzy about what's 'missing' from the system, or what 'doesn't work well,' and before you know it, he's off to his shed/laboratory for a week or three to tinker about with it, or create a deranged alternative.

What you have here then is a collection of those tinkerings, meddlings and otherwise general fiddle-faddlings
UnclEvl's cooked up in that dangerously unstable brain of his – or some other lunatic with a ‘good idea’. Now and again, he does have a gem of an idea. No, really, ask anyone. Except maybe that strange creature he lives with. She's unlikely to say he's ever had a decent idea, but thats another story for another day. So browse, peruse, digest and ruminate; by all means use and abuse and certainly feel free to comment, suggest and add, should the muse come upon you and a serious froth take you over.

Careful be though, cos old
UnclEvl can be an irascible old gimmer. With a tongue sharper than a fishwives filleting knife and the temper of a colour-blind bull, he's not known for his patience at the best of times, least of all when he's got a full head of froth up. You don't want to go and get him started off one on of his 'Rants' now do you.

Downloadable pdfs

UnclEvl Originals – original games designed by yer old Unc, available as pdf print & play downloads.

Many of these are a bit of a work in progress  - playable but perhaps requiring a bit of tidying, so please bear that in mind.


Frothy Races 3.6.pdf chariot / fantasy vehicle racing rules, largely inspired by Ben Hur and Wacky Races and developed for a FUUKers participation game to hopefully be run at Salute 2012.  Although it includes some dirty trickery, the gameplay focuses largely on the tactical race element.  This is still a work in progress and the first draft of the current development version; requiring some tidying (some of the picture diagrams have not pdf’d too well) and a summary crib sheet to be added to the back cover.

Frothy Races Print & Play 3.6.pdf Print & Play for Frothy Races including a board tile; blank and basic vehicle sheets; vehicle tokens and dice stickers; whip and reins cards.  This is a basic playtest version only – some of the pictures have not faired too well in conversion to pdf which I will address at a later time once things are finalised.  


Wylde Hunt Rules.pdfthis ‘traditional’ style chess-like 2-player strategy game was designed to coincide with the Faery themed FUUK sculpting competition, as a freebie giveaway.   Coming up with a concept, gameplay, design and testing in 6 months or so, after the competition theme is announced, is always a challenge, so for this one we decided to go with a ‘smaller’ game, (as opposed to the ‘big box’ theme of the previous year’s ‘Asylum’ game).  The board and rules are available as print & play downloads – you’ll need to supply a few of your own suitable gaming pieces.

Wylde Hunt Board A4.pdf a Wylde Hunt print & play board for printing in 2 halves on A4.

Wylde Hunt Board A3.pdf – a Wylde Hunt print & play board as a single A3 page.


Snail Racing.pdf – this game was originally inspired by a certain popular TV advert put out by a well known beverage company. As such, the game was designed so that rules and features would fit on the back of a beer mat.  Unfortunately, the said beverage company did not accept unsolicited  promotional ideas – but if you print these out and stick them to beer mats you can always put them in your pocket for the next time you head down the local boozer.


Still to come – I will post up the infamous ‘Iron Man’ co-operative skirmish rules when I get the chance; and maybe one day I’ll actually finish the major overhaul of the ‘Asylum’ board game.

Beef up your gaming fun with a downloadable Strap-on for one of your old skool gaming faves:

Sailing Rules for Man-o-War.pdfadvanced sailing rules for GWs ‘Man-o-War’ from the Docster (from back in the days before he became a semi-mythical recluse).


Pirates of the Spanish Main - Alternate Rules.pdf some ‘wind’ rules, along with some optional canon and crew rule suggestions, for Wizkids ‘Pirates of the Spanish Main’ game.

Pirates of the Spanish Main - Print & Play.pdfthe ‘Binnacle’, reload counters and crib card for the above rule options.


Zombies!!! Optional Rules.pdfa whole host of rule options and alternatives for Twilights Creation’s Zombies!!! tile based board game.  (Note: this pdf is set up to be printed double-sided booklet).


Car Wars Crash Rules.pdf – alternative ‘one-roll’ handling and crash rules for Steve Jackson Games Car Wars.

Car Wars Advanced Manoeuvre Rules.pdf – alternative manoeuvre rules for Car Wars.

Car Wars Targeting Rules.pdf – optional speed and relative movement direction targeting modifiers for Car Wars.

Car Wars Damage Rules.pdf – alternative vehicle damage and personal injury rules for Car Wars.


Fairy Meat Alternative Rules.pdf – some alternative combat and damage rules for Kenzer & Co’s game faery fighting, ‘Fairy Meat’.


Optional Doomtown Rules.pdfsome musings for Pinnacle’s now defunct and long OoP (but still a damn fine game) Doomtown CCG.


Baron Munchausen Wagering.pdfsome alternative rules for placing and accepting wagers in the Baron Munchausen game.


The Cyber Whip.pdf – a fresh take on the whip as a weapon for your cyber-punk based RPGs.

Katra - Cyberpunk NPC.pdf – a cyber-whip wielding NPC.


Ask UnclEvl?
Thats right. If you've got a problem with yer favourite game, cos the rules don't work or there's just plain no way to do the things you just so badly wanna do, then drop a line, either by email or through the Froth Board to us here at 'Frothers Unite! 'The man hisself, or one of his many minions, (they're all vat-grown ya know, so need to worry about cruelty), will have a little look-see and and see if we can't suggest a way out of yer predicament.

Frothers Forums
Even if you'd just like to comment or think there's something these or any of the Frothers Unite! pages are missing out on, and/or you've got an idea for something you'd like to contribute, then send it to us and we'll do our best to post it up. It doesn't have to be polished or even in html format; if its a good idea we'll make sure it gets out there to be shared with the frother community at large.

All credit will be given to the author of course.

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