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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:15 pm

We've got a useful bunch of releases for the Blitzkrieg Commander players next, with some tokens and templates now available for use in your games!

First up we've got a selection of dice: The D6 Weather dice can be used with the Weather Optional Rule and provide Sun, Overcast, Rain, Snow, Lightning and Fog. We'd suggest using Sun and Overcast as 'Good' weather, Rain and Fog as 'Poor' weather maybe, leaving Snow and Lightning for 'Extreme' weather conditions? The Deviation dice come as a pair, with one containing an arrow and a number, the other being a regular D6 spot dice. The D8 Compass dice can also be used for deviation, as well as in some of the deployment rules.

Secondly we've got some markers for both Suppressed and Deployed. These have been designed as handy doughnut shapes so that they can be hung over gun barrels or placed over the top of an infantry figure.

Next up are a pair of templates, one for the Restricted firing arcs and the other for showing your front, flank and rear aspects during firing and close assault actions. These are both around 100mm diameter with a 50mm internal space to fit around your BKC bases.

And finally we've got some templates for all of your off-table attacks: The Artillery support get either a 20cm circle concentration or 20cm square barrage template, while the Air Support get either a 30x10cm ground attack or 30cm circular bomber template.

We'll be looking at some more tokens/markers for release later in the year, but let us know if there's any particular gaming aids that you'd like to see.

Blitzkrieg Commander IV
Templates & Tokens - ... nd-tokens/
BKC-D6-WEA D6 Weather Dice (x2) £1.50
BKC-D6-DEV D6 Deviation Dice / regular D6 pair £1.50
BKC-D8-COM D8 Compass Dice (x2) £1.50

BKC-TT-SUP Suppressed markers (10) £6.00
BKC-TT-DEP Deployed markers (10) £6.00

BKC-TT-ARC Restricted Arc template £3.00
BKC-TT-FFR Front, Flank & Rear template £3.00

BKC-TT-20C 20cm circular Artillery concentration template £6.00
BKC-TT-20S 20cm square Artillery barrage template £6.00
BKC-TT-30R 30x10cm Air Support ground attack template £6.00
BKC-TT-30C 30cm circular Air Support bomber template £6.00

And the pics of course:












Next up we'll have the release of our 1809 Napoleonic expansion so keep an eye out for that!
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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:00 am

After a very successful Not-Kickstarter campaign to fund their design, we're very pleased to announce that our new 1809 Confederation states are now available! Covering Hesse-Darmstadt, Saxony, Warsaw and Wurttemberg, this group rounds out our 1809 ranges nicely.

As well as the figures we've also got flags for each state (courtesy of Tony Hughes) and we've also put together a handy starter pack for each range as well, to get you going with your new armies.

1809 Napoleonics
Hesse Darmstadt - ... darmstadt/
NHD1 Line/fusilier, march attack £5.25
NHD2 Line/fusilier, firing line £5.25
NHD3 Line/fusilier command £5.25
NHD4 Mounted officers (5) £1.75
NHD5 Chevaux-Legers £5.25
NHD6 6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew (3) £5.25
NHD7 7” Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew (3) £5.25
NHD8 Limbers with team (2) £5.25
PNFL514 Hesse-Darmstadt flags £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NHD1. 1 x NHD2, 3, 5, 6 £33.00

Saxony -
NSA1 Line infantry, march attack £5.25
NSA2 Line infantry, firing line £5.25
NSA3 Line command £5.25
NSA4 Grenadiers, march attack, inc. command (16) £2.80
NSA5 Leib Grenadiers, inc. command £5.25
NSA6 Schutzen, march attack, inc. command (16) £2.80
NSA7 Schutzen, firing, inc. command (16) £2.80
NSA8 Mounted officers (5) £1.75
NSA9 Light cavalry £5.25
NSA10 Heavy cavalry £5.25
NSA11 Hussars £5.25
NSA12 6pdr guns (SYW) with crew (3) £5.25
NSA13 7” Howitzers (SYW) with crew (3) £5.25
NSA14 Limbers with team (2) £5.25
PNFL515 Saxony flags, sheet 1 £2.50
PNFL516 Saxony flags, sheet 2 £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NSA1. 1 x NSA3, 5, 9, 12 £33.00

Duchy of Warsaw - ... of-warsaw/
NDW1 Line/fusiliers, march attack (czapska) £5.25
NDW2 Line/fusiliers, firing line (czapska) £5.25
NDW3 Line/fusiliers command (czapska) £5.25
NDW4 Line Elites (Volt/Gren), march attack (16) (czapska) £2.80
NDW5 Line Elites (Volt/Gren), firing line (16) (czapska) £2.80
NDW6 Line Elites (Grenadier), march attack (16) (bearskin) £2.80
NDW7 Mounted officer (5) £1.75
NDW8 Uhlans £5.25
NDW9 Uhlan Elites (8) £2.80
NDW10 6pdr (SYW) with foot crew (3) £5.25
NDW11 6pdr (SYW) with horse crew (3) £5.25
NDW12 7” Howitzer (SYW) with foot crew (3) £5.25
NDW13 7” Howitzer (SYW) with horse crew (3) £5.25
NDW14 Limbers with team (2) £5.25
PNFL517 Duchy of Warsaw flags £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NDW1. 1 x NDW4, 5, 8, 10 £33.00

Wurttemberg -
NWU1 Line/fusilier, march attack £5.25
NWU2 Line/fusilier, firing line £5.25
NWU3 Line/fusilier command £5.25
NWU4 Leichtes, inc. command £5.25
NWU5 Mounted officers (5) £1.75
NWU6 Grenadiers (16) £2.80
NWU7 Jager, inc. command £5.25
NWU8 Chevaux-Leger £5.25
NWU9 Jager zu Pferd £5.25
NWU10 6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew £5.25
NWU11 12pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew £5.25
NWU12 7pdr Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew £5.25
NWU13 Limbers with team (2) £5.25
PNFL518 Wurttemberg flags £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NWU1, 1 x NWU3, 4, 8, 10 £33.00

And a selection of pics:

Hesse-Darmstadt line/fusiliers, firing line:

Hesse-Darmstadt Chevau-Legers:

Saxony line infantry:

Saxony Leib Grenadiers:

Saxony Hussars:

Warsaw line/fusilier command:

Warsaw line Elites in bearskin:

Warsaw Uhlans:

Warsaw 6pdr guns with horse crew:

Wurttemberg line/fusiliers, march attack:

Wurttemberg Leichtes:

Wurttemberg Jager zu Pferd:

We'd like to thank Forum member Zippee for all of his help with the reference material for this range, we really appreciate his input and support on this project. Next up will be another treat for the Napoleonic gamers with a selection of casualty figures arriving in the next week or so. After that we'll be releasing our Indian Mutiny range!
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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:42 pm

Following on from our 1809 expansion we've now got a useful selection of casualties for all of your Napoleonic armies, plus some handy civilians as well!

The casualties cover all of the nations currently in our ranges and come with a variety of headgear as well, so there should be some useful proxy options here for armies we've not produced yet.

Misc -
NPX2 Civilians (30) £5.25
NPX3 Austrian casualties, in helmet (10) £1.75
NPX4 Austrian casualties, in grenadier helmet (10) £1.75
NPX5 British casualties, in Belgic shako (10) £1.75
NPX6 British casualties, in stovepipe shako (10) £1.75
NPX7 French casualties, in shako (10) £1.75
NPX8 French casualties, in bearskin (10) £1.75
NPX9 Bavarian casualties, in helmet (10) £1.75
NPX10 Prussian casualties, in covered shako (10) £1.75
NPX11 Warsaw casualties, in czapska (10) £1.75
NPX12 Minor States casualties, in bicorne (10) £1.75

And a few pics:

NPX2 - Civilians:

NPX3 - Austrian casualties, in helmet:

NPX5 - British casualties, in stovepipe shako:

NPX10 - Prussian casualties, in covered shako:

NPX12 - Minor States casualties, in bicorne:

Coming next we've got some revamped WWII vehicles and then it'll be the long-awaited Indian Mutiny range!
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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:40 pm

The new releases continue at a pace and this time we've upgraded our Sd.Kfz 251 models and added some extra variants as well!

First off, our existing Ausf C and Ausf D hulls have been upgraded, along with their variants, so all of the current codes have been replaced with these new models. Where necessary, we've also replaced the additional items, so new rocket launchers, new map tables, etc.

As well as those upgrades, we've also taken the opportunity to add the Ausf A and Ausf B versions, along with the most popular variants across all of the B C and D hulls. Most of these options are separate castings (rockets, guns, mortars, etc) so we can put together some of the less popular versions if anyone wants them.

WWII German
Vehicles -
GRV57 Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf C)
GRV58 Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf C) camouflaged
GRV59 Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf D)
GRV60 Sd.Kfz 251 (Ausf C) ‘Wurfrahmen 40’ rocket launcher
GRV61 Sd.Kfz 251/2 (Ausf C) 8cm mortar carrier and crew
GRV62 Sd.Kfz 251/3 (Ausf C) with frame aerial
GRV63 Sd.Kfz 251 (Ausf C) with map table and officer
GRV64 Sd.Kfz 251/7 (Ausf C) engineer vehicle
GRV65 Sd.Kfz 251/9 (Ausf C) short 75mm
GRV66 Sd.Kfz 251/10 (Ausf C) 37mm AT
GRV67 Sd.Kfz 251/22 (Ausf D) 75mm AT
GRV68 Sd.Kfz 251/8 (Ausf C) ambulance with tilt
GRV69 Sd.Kfz 251/16 (Ausf C) Flammpanzerwagen

GRV112 Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf A)
GRV113 Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf B )
GRV114 Sd.Kfz 251/2 (Ausf B ) 8cm mortar carrier and crew
GRV115 Sd.Kfz 251/2 (Ausf D) 8cm mortar carrier and crew
GRV116 Sd.Kfz 251/7 (Ausf D) engineer vehicle
GRV117 Sd.Kfz 251/9 (Ausf D) short 75mm
GRV118 Sd.Kfz 251/10 (Ausf D) 37mm AT gun
GRV119 Sd.Kfz 251/16 (Ausf D) Flammpanzerwagen
GRV120 Sd.Kfz 251 (Ausf D) ‘Wurfrahmen 40’ rocket launcher
GRV121 Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf D) camouflaged
(All packs contain one vehicle, priced at £2.95)

And the usual pics:

GRV57 - Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf C)

GRV60 - Sd.Kfz 251 (Ausf C) ‘Wurfrahmen 40’ rocket launcher

GRV64 - Sd.Kfz 251/7 (Ausf C) engineer vehicle

GRV68 - Sd.Kfz 251/8 (Ausf C) ambulance with tilt

GRV113 - Sd.Kfz 251/1 (Ausf B )

GRV115 - Sd.Kfz 251/2 (Ausf D) 8cm mortar carrier and crew

Next it's the big one, Indian Mutiny incoming! We just need to blackwash and photograph about 200 figures and we're good to go!
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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:01 pm

After a lot of hard work we're pleased to announce the release of our highly anticipated Indian Mutiny range!

We've put together a comprehensive set of codes for both the British and Mutineers, including infantry, cavalry, artillery, command, personalities and more! We've also got our usual army pack deals at the bottom, to give you an easy start on your armies.

Indian Mutiny -
MUB1 Infantry in Home Service dress, inc. comm £5.25
MUB2 Infantry in Campaign dress, inc. comm £5.25
MUB3 Sikh Infantry, inc. comm £5.25
MUB4 Gurkhas, inc. comm £5.25
MUB5 Naval Brigade, inc. comm £5.25
MUB6 Highlanders, inc. comm £5.25
MUB7 Lancers £5.25
MUB8 Cavalry in shirt and caps £5.25
MUB9 Cavalry in tunic and pugree £5.25
MUB10 Dragoon Guards £5.25
MUB11 Punjabi Cavalry £5.25
MUB12 Gentlemen Horse £5.25
MUB13 6pdr guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUB14 9pdr guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUB15 12pdr Howitzer with crew (3) £5.25
MUB16 18pdr field guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUB17 24pdr field guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUB18 24pdr siege gun with crew (2) £5.25
MUB19 Elephant and siege gun limber (1) £3.00
MUB20 Bullock carts (2) £5.25
MUB21 Mounted officer (5) £1.75
MUB22 Sir Colin Campbell £0.75
MUB23 Sir Henry Havelock £0.75
MUB24 Casualties (10) £1.75
MUB25 British civilians £5.25
British Army Pack contains: 1 x MUB1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 and 14 - £33.00

MUT1 Sepoys in Company dress £5.25
MUT2 Sepoys in civilian dress £5.25
MUT3 Ex-Company command in Company dress (15) £2.65
MUT4 Ex-Company command in civilian dress (15) £2.65
MUT5 Civilian insurgents / Badmash £5.25
MUT6 Ghazi Muslim fighters £5.25
MUT7 Barkandaze feudal matchlockmen £5.25
MUT8 Feudal command (15) £2.65
MUT9 Bengal light cavalry, Company dress £5.25
MUT10 Bengal light cavalry, civilian dress £5.25
MUT11 Bengal lancers £5.25
MUT12 Bengal irregular cavalry £5.25
MUT13 6pdr guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUT14 9pdr guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUT15 12pdr Howitzer with crew (3) £5.25
MUT16 18pdr field guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUT17 24pdr field guns with crew (3) £5.25
MUT18 24pdr siege gun with crew (2) £5.25
MUT19 Mounted leader (5) £1.75
MUT20 Lakshmibai (1) £0.75
MUT21 Tantia Tope (1) £0.75
MUT22 Prince on elephant (1) £3.00
MUT23 Casualties (10) £1.75
MUT24 Indian civilians £5.25
Mutineer Army Pack contains: 1 x MUT1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 14 - £33.00

And a selection of pics:

MUB2 - Infantry in Campaign dress:

MUB4 - Gurkhas:

MUB10 - Dragoon Guards:

MUB17 - 24pdr field guns with crew:

MUB25 - British civilians:

MUT3 - Ex-Company command in Company dress:

MUT6 - Ghazi Muslim fighters:

MUT8 - Feudal command:

MUT10 - Bengal light cavalry, civilian dress:

MUT14 - 9pdr guns with crew:

MUT22 - Prince on elephant:

We've making a lot of progress on the releases this year and we'll be continuing that trend over the next couple of months with the Ancient Dacians, Sarmatians, Greeks and Persians coming very soon. Plus we'll have the TB Line Islamics, some new Modern Vehicles and the revamped Feudal Japanese range! Busy times ahead at Pendraken HQ!
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