Nottingham Wargaming events.

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Nottingham Wargaming events.

Postby » Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:17 pm

Wargames Foundry events in Nottingham,

    On the first Saturday of every month we are running God of Battles games under the auspices of it's author, Jake Thornton

    Will Hannah is running his next painting demonstration here on Saturday 6th of July. Come along and join in.

    The War & Peace Games Club will be meeting at Foundry every Saturday from the 1st of June onwards.

    Warhammer Ancients 311BC Battle of Himera, put on by Ben Clapperton from Durham University. Saturday 13th July.

    Oldhammer - Bring out your lead! 31st August to 1st September.

    WAB Team Challenge. October 19th/20th.

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Car parking is better now even.

And space/tables/coffee machine free for gamers to make use of for any gaming and events.

Its up to gamers to make use of it.

why mention it, because its a social thing and its good for someone to open there doors and offer :wry:
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