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Postby Rev Nice » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:37 pm

I'm on Booth's side.
The whining little cunt can stuff his arrows up his arse.
Jesus, there are some days when stupid time wasting turds just make the internet seem too big a price to pay.
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Postby Vermis » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:38 pm

You including Arty and Etrigan in that remark? :P

I agree the guy complaining was being a bit of a tit, but I wonder which bandwagon you'd be on if Booth was a mini sculptor/seller and jumped onto Frothers with a bloop like that. 'Unprofessional' is only the beginning.

For me he only digs himself deeper when he bewails "Don't you think I weep bitter tears of blood when someone draws a dinosaur wrong?"
I kinda liked Brett Booth because, while he's of the Rob Liefeld school of comic artists, he's a decent dino artist. I know what it's like to see so many artists get dinos wrong (and you know what happens when I get going); but instead of using it as an excuse to jump off a cliff like everyone else, it's a reminder to have at least a quick glance at something I'm not familiar with before I draw or sculpt it. (And I'm only some idle layabout on the internets, not a pro artist)
And 'how to hold a bow right you dumbass' is arguably a lot easier to find out at a glance, than the correct shapes, proportions, positioning and outer covering of many a prehistoric beastie.

TL;DR: I look at that article and, contrary to BleedingCool's expectations from most of it's commenters, think "Booth, what a twat."

Anyway. Pretty sculptings. Who's got 'em?
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