Helsvakt Hordesmen Wart Staff, conversion kit or stand alone

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Helsvakt Hordesmen War Staff conversion kit or character figures??

Single piece Standard bearer and single piece Musician
modular bits for standard and musician's horn
Total votes : 23

Postby Rev Nice » Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:11 pm

Poll up and running!
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Postby Artbookguy » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:35 pm

Hey Tre

A while ago you mentionned an artist that is an inspiration to you and who had published a book with illustrations. Care to share (again) who this artist was?

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Tre, you have e-mail

Postby jodee » Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:25 pm


E-mail has been sent.

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Postby Tre still can't log in » Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:22 pm

Hmmm.... well the list of inspiration goes on without end btu I think you may be talking about Paul Bonner. Absolutely brilliant stuff. And his book is a go-to for me for reference on facial expression, anatomy and pure atmosphere.

My current top five though are( in no particular order )

Paul Bonner
Gary Chalk
Jim Holloway
Jesper Ejsing
Peter Mullen ( stupendously awesome old school artist check him out....http://www.freewebs.com/mullenart )

but to be honest I am constanly lookign for inspiration.
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Postby Guest » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:22 am

THX Paul Bonner is indeed the one ;-)
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Postby joshuaslater » Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:49 pm

I voted single piece models Tre. I've enough to assemble and paint already. :oops:
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Postby Duff » Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:09 pm

I refer you to my previous musings on multi part figures.
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Postby Tre still can't log in » Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:36 pm

well these pieces are going to fall down easy to assemble. I am making deep socket and peg fittings that will allow you to dab a bit of glue / putty, place, and forget.

This is a pretty close toss up. If I cast my own vote this poll would be 9 for single part characters and 8 for conversion kits.

I have the would-be standard bearer figure done now and the musician is about 75% done. Figure I should have these done tomorrow and en route to production by wednsday. From there it just depends how long it will take to get the figures through the production cycle.

:D :D :D :D
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Tre still can't log in

Postby Tre still can't log in » Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:40 pm

so.... that means as of now there are 6 footmen modularly fitted for right hand weapons, left hand weapons / shields / odd bits, and head/helms. with 2 beign possibly made into single piece character figures for musician and standard bearer.
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Postby Badger Loving Fluffster » Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:03 pm

Personally I'd go for single piece as it is less cleaning a sodding about with green stuff, but the original HalsVakt fellas were not that bad to assemble anyway...
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