Derek Hodge and Too Fat Lardies

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Derek Hodge and Too Fat Lardies

Postby OldeFrother » Fri Apr 08, 2022 5:49 pm

Well lads, it’s come down to this. A few sad wastes have essentially driven anyone away from Frothers. It’s time to put this forum to rest.

Derek Hodge (Derek H) and his few sycophantic followers on here have driven away all the old members who used to post about the wonderful hobby of table top gaming.

Their continuous and relentless unnatural fixation on being banned from one table top gaming forum because of their own actions has driven away all those who used to post here on Frothers.

Out of frustration at the psychotic obsession of these few, the last of the Moderators changed the forum thread name to accurately represent these sad pathetic individuarls; ‘The Sad C’s With No Life’ before leaving and never bothering to return.

Even the constant and continual reminder to these few of their condition has not been enough to help them change and overcome their obsession.

These few have been left to obsess and continually post vitriolic hate against others simply because they cannot accept any point of view that may differ from their own.

They have tried to manipulate others in the industry to “do their dirty work for them” as part of their obsession of revenge instead of just getting on with their lives.

Derek Hodge was also exposed on here to be spoofing Richard Clarke. Undoubtedly other personas, as well, especially that of the owner of the other forum who banned him.

It’s time to put an end to this once and for all.

Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardies (TFL) publicly announced on the TFL Twitter feed for Derek Hodge to stop posting his antics trolling on the other forum and to stop posting on Frothers.

He continued to post on Frothers and even gloated how he has fake accounts on the other forum just to cause trouble and berate that forum’s members for originally banning him and his 3 stooges left posting on Frothers who have also been banned.

Derek Hodge thinks he’s going to be putting on a gaming session of Too Fat Lardies’ (TFL) games in June at the Rugby Club in Musselburgh.

What? – A day of games from the TooFatLardies stable.
Where? – Musselburgh, just next to Edinburgh, Scotland.
When? – Saturday June 18th, 2022.

Here is the Facebook page of the Club:

Musselburgh Rugby Club
Stoneyhill Farm Road
0131 665 3435

Monday's - Closed
Tuesday open from 7pm
Wednesday open from 7pm
Thursday open from 7pm
Friday open from 7pm. Earlier for function bookings
Saturday and Sunday from Midday, earlier for game fixtures or bookings.

Contacting the Rugby Club and telling them what kind of individuals this may bring on premises. They just need to be provided links to the above named thread.

Based on the behaviour and actions of these individuals online, is there the threat of violence to go along with their actions?

When the club members and administration find out Derek’s behaviours on here, and elsewhere online, they will undoubtedly be more than happy to let him know these people are not welcome this year.

Contact the sponsors of Musselburgh Rugby Club and send them links to the various threads on here (the more vile, the more an honest picture of what’s been going on here for the last 10 years).

The sponsors can be found below:

It is time to finally put an end to their despicable behaviour.
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Re: Derek Hodge and Too Fat Lardies

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 03, 2022 6:55 pm

Il Bastardo Pedantesco wrote:
Derek H wrote:
Il Bastardo Pedantesco wrote: I already said, I have no issue with Black Dwarves or Black Elves, as long as it's part of the setting

No issue, just as long as they stay in their place.

Shut up Derek, you shit stirring gormless twat...

Derek, your racist rants are being exposed!

Has anyone contacted BLM Scotland about Derek and his game?

Derek H wrote:
[by Derek H » Thu Jun 02, 2022 10:25 pm]

Condi has accused me of being racist for a post made by an anonymous guest. Wasn't my post.

You can just fuck right off.

So we have Derek denying it was his post. So much so he reverts to obscenities (a sure sign he was triggered).

Derek Hodge was informed, quite clearly, his false denial and dismissal was not going to be accepted and was recognized as the lie it really it was.

Whack a Mole IS your alternate/spoofing/sock puppet Derek Hodge.

I can trace it step by step where you changed your Derek H screen name to Desmond D then to Whack a Mole, as well as the admission on here where you admit it IS your account.

It is ALL saved for posterity sake Derek Hodge.

This is how Derek then tries to brush it off:

by Derek H » Fri Jun 03, 2022 8:14 am

I forget who I am sometimes :-)

He forgets who he is sometimes. With a smile.

What kind of person does this?

This is nothing more than a joke to Derek Hodge.

He actually thinks he can say whatever he wants and he is above being held accountable for his racism and toxicity!

I suggest everyone who does not agree with Derek's racist rants as well as everyone who does not agree with Derek Hodge's toxic posting on here contact:



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