Horror on the Hill

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Horror on the Hill

Postby EnglishRed » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:22 pm

Every year me and some friends get together in a rented house somewhere for a week and play games. Board and wargames.

This year, in an excuse to indulge in a nostalgia trip, I have offered to run an old school rpg. I want to use Labyrinth Lord and the B5 Horror on the Hill module.

I hear it's pretty tough (it certainly reads that way) can anyone with experience of the module offer and suggestions to modify it to make it a little easier? I have thought of changing most of the hobgoblins to goblins and bugbears to Orcs, particularly in the wilderness and early monastery sections. Anything else to bear in mind?
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Re: Horror on the Hill

Postby simonpaulburley » Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:48 pm

It's been years but (if I recall correctly)......

The single nastiest - but best - thing about the module is when the party gets trapped inside. Make sure your players are clued in enough to be able to rest and recover whilst in this phase and don't try to barrel their way out on single figure hit points. They need to be in pretty good shape to tackle the big bad at the end.

Its a BASIC module and has some Basic stuff. This is the one with the magic fountain - right? The one that can totally boost a character (+1 on all stats) or totally ruin one (-1 on all stats), You might want to consider ameliorating the effects of this feature.

Those two powerful Magic Users posing as dotty old ladies in the woods. These can be great for healing/buffering the characters but it requires careful roleplaying. Too many parties might try to patronise or rob them.

Basically you need to make sure that the players are OK with the fact that it's in and out making mere forays onto the hill at first to gather information as they slowly build their strength. It's one that rewards careful play rather than heroic play.
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