Sculptor Wanted for 28mm Historical Flodden 1513 Range.

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Sculptor Wanted for 28mm Historical Flodden 1513 Range.

Postby Atheling » Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:58 pm

Sculptor Wanted for 28mm Historical Flodden Range.

If you're interested please either PM me here or email me at:

The range will initially consist of:

-English Household Bills (three packs of four)

-English "Levy" Bills (three packs of four)

-English Household Archers (two packs)

-English "Levy" Archers (two packs)

-Scottish Household Pike (three packs of four)

-Scottish Levy Pike (three packs of four)

-Highland Short Pike (one, possibly two packs)

-Highlanders (sword and buckler and polearm) (one pack)

-Highland Archers (one, possibly two packs)

-Household Command (one)

-Levy Command (one)

-English/Scottish Men at Arms on Foot (two packs of four)

-English Nobles and Standard Bearers (two packs each of

- 2 nobles and two standard bearers)

-English Mounted Borderers

-English Mounted Border Command

-Death of James IV vignette and others too.

Please spread the word if you know any sculptors who may be interested. Thanks :)

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