LF: Metal Single-Piece Castings with Integral Bases?

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LF: Metal Single-Piece Castings with Integral Bases?

Postby Multheasan2 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:14 am

Hi FU!

I was wondering if anybody here knows of manufacturers that (still) produce metal 28mm scale miniatures with single-piece castings and integral bases?

(I understand that there's probably plenty out there, especially in plastic, so I'll be a bit more specific)

1. Preferably those that make more than just Fantasy/Historical, e.g. Science-Fiction

2. Preferably those with a more modern look to them; i.e. more true-scale than heroic scale (it'll be nice to see how far the old school methods can be modernised)

3. If the former really doesn't exist, then perhaps "giant humanoids/robots etc." from other scales, but are overall about 28-32mm tall. (e.g. Ral Partha's Piranha Battlemech)

4. A regularly-sized integral base, instead of just an irregular "broccoli" at the bottom like Reaper Miniatures' older stuff, e.g. exactly 25mm round/hex integral bases and the like.
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