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Colonel Marbles' Miniature Frothzone - READ THIS FIRST!

Postby pete » Thu May 21, 2009 9:33 am

Welcome to Colonel Marbles' Miniatures Frothzone, the best place on the web to see and talk about all that is good and Frothable in the world of gaming miniatures.


This Forum exists for a reason, and that reason is to produce the monthly Col. Marbles Miniature Masterworks.
In resent years these duties have been neglected and it is the wish of a number of the Frothers Unite Society Members to return to producing these miniature review round-ups.

In advance of this and starting from 1st of June there will be firmer hand being taken with this Forum as regards its organisation. We intend to reintroduce the format that enabled us to separate new Miniatures, from those we have seen before (FAQ a Col.), and if all posters to the forum would help by observing a few rules it is hoped that we can make the compilers job easy.

Some Members have made their FU-UK reputations by being excellent spotters of new and exciting miniatures, Col. Marbles being the first and most infamous, but other newer members have taken on his mantle. We welcome this independent action and ask only that posters make an effort to avoid Colonel-ing and mark any new miniatures they want to show, like so;

[Reaper-Jun09] New Kobolds

The name of the company who are making the miniature first, then the month in which it has been brought to our attention and finally a reasonable amount of information about what is being shown.
(Unsigned or sculpts not made specially for a company can be title Unsigned)

FU-UK recognises that there are a large number of Registered Members who are representative of Companies (large and small), who make miniatures for sale. We welcome the contribution of these members, and hope that they will continue to show there work here first. We would rather registered members did not repeatedly post new threads of the same miniatures to this forum through out a miniatures development stages, one thread marked with [WIP] should allow interested parties and the editors of future Masterworks to follow the progress of new minis, from ?greens? to release.

General ?Sale? notices, should be posted to Frothtown Marketplace, unless they are completely new to our group and therefore worthy of inclusion in Masterworks

If Registered members with Company affiliations could also follow the posting guidelines shown above, that too would be very helpful, like so?

[Hasslefree-Jun09] Fabulous New Grymn [WIP]

Would all registered Members, and Frotherguests please remember that this Forum is our show piece area, it would be helpful for posters to remain on-topic, and contribute in a constructive manner.

[Polls] will be added to all new miniatures discussion threads, if Members wish to contribute but have nothing more interesting or relevant to say than Coolio, or Meh then participation in the Poll is the best way register opinion.

Would members please refrain from posting non-miniature or miniature related news in this forum, ask yourself; could this notice be better served in another of our popular and lively Forum areas, if so please post elsewhere.

Please remember, that this area is now going to be more strictly moderated, and although FU-UK has a long and strong tradition of free-speech, we are not prepared to accept abuse of this Forum on these grounds any longer.

Any Member wishing to discuss any issues arising from the charges being made can post questions here or contact pete who will deal with questions.
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