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Khurasan releases 15mm Sho’t Kals

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:41 am
by Khurasanminiatures
We are very pleased to release both variants of the Israeli Sho't Kal tank in 15mm scale. This was a heavily modified Centurion using the US Continental engine, which required a different engine deck from the standard Centurion.

The first of the two variants used in 1973 was the Mk 3 (shown below), upgunned to the 105mm gun, but still having the loader's periscope further back on the turret top, and the ammo loading hatch on the rear of the turret. The second was the Mk 5, which had small changes made (besides it being upgunned of course!), and they included moving the loader's periscope as far forward as was possible on the turret roof, and the removal of the rear turret hatch. Both variants were widely used, often in the same platoon. These two tanks knocked out massive numbers of Syrian tanks, and were also widely used, along with the Magach, against the Egyptians.

We have also released an add-on set which has separate stowage, replacement stowage bins filled with stuff, extra machine guns, and crewman halves, some manning machine guns -- which became an absolute necessity in 1973, to suppress Sagger teams.

All available now: ... r-war.html