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Khurasan releases Spring and Autumn Chinese and Barbarians

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 4:54 pm
by Khurasanminiatures
We are very pleased to release a 15mm range of Chinese and Northern "Barbarians" for the Spring and Autumn Period, as chronicled by Confucius and Sun Tzu, a age in which great states fought for consolidation due to the power vacuum created by the weakness of the central Chou dynasty. This was the great age of chariot warfare in China, with masses of infantry playing a mostly subsidiary role.

It was also a period in which Chinese Northern "Barbarians" such as the Di and Rong rose to the level of serious menace, the Di in particular destroying several small statelets and establishing their own. They were both enemies and allies of the Chinese duchies.

The range has models for the Chinese and the Northern "Barbarians" and is available now: ... inese.html