Khurasan releases late 17th C range

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Khurasan releases late 17th C range

Postby Khurasanminiatures » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:05 pm

We've just released our late 17th century range in 15mm scale. The infantry are in soldier's coats and have apostles and later matchlocks, so the period is roughly from the Franco-Dutch War to the Siege of Vienna and Sedgmoor, but many troops continued to have this appearance for years afterward.

There are many infantry codes for "generic" types (the most common uniform type, which had the cuffs at or near the wrists, a floppy hat, and no ribbons), same for cavalry, and there are also several codes (at the bottom of the page) specifically for English and imperial armies. So the figurines are good for English, Dutch, Danish, Brandenburger, Imperial, and many other armies of the period.

This will be expanded and in fact a complete range of French has been made (cuffs at the elbow and fake shirtsleeves below for the Foot, ribbons). We will then make Swedes in karpus, and other codes as well.

The first very big batch is available now: ... ntury.html

Just one example, marching musketeers with matchlocks (these are painted as Dutch):
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Re: Khurasan releases late 17th C range

Postby Bronshtein » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:03 pm

Quite nice.
They look quite big - difficult to tell without a comparison to other figures.
If these weren't being sold by a complete knob head I'd be tempted to buy some samples.
As it is I guess I'll never know. :D
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