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Khurasan releases 15mm Bidowers and French Ribauds

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:41 pm
by Khurasanminiatures
We have two new sets of figurines for our 15mm late 14th century range today — Bidowers and Ribauds.

Bidowers were also called "bidauts," "bayouneys" or "bidets" and were Gascon of Spanish skirmishing light infantry armed with javelins and small shields. They excelled at "small warfare" and at the chevauchée. They were considered valuable assets and were paid as much as English longbowmen. Bidowers were fielded by both sides in France (and fought in the Anglo-Gascon army at Poitiers), and many went to the Free Companies as well, including in Italy.


Ribauds were, along with brigans, one of the two main types of basic infantry in French armies. (The crossbowmen being a special case.) Established by Philip Augustus as bodyguards whilst he was in Paris, their battlefield function was to serve as a lightly equipped avant-garde for the infantry. By the 14th century much of their special function had deteriorated but they were still the lighter of the two types of infantry, scurrying across the field armed only with a coutel, often finishing off fallen foes. (Brigans usually were better protected and armed with a spear or polearm.)


Both are available now: ... ntury.html