Khurasan releases more 15mm dinosaurs

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Khurasan releases more 15mm dinosaurs

Postby Khurasanminiatures » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:02 pm

We are pleased to release two new sets of dinosaurs for our 15mm prehistoric animals range -- Edmontosaurus juveniles and adults.

There are three poses of adults (and these were very large animals indeed) and two poses of juveniles -- a larger chick and a sub-adult. Juveniles were made to add variety, to require protection from the herd, and as an objective for predators.

This was the dinosaur once called "Trachodon" and later "Anatotitan," and well-known to kids as "duck-billed dinosaurs." They are depicted with the fleshy comb on top of their heads, as was suggested by a recent fossil find. Not everyone is certain the comb in the fossil is correct, and some gamers may prefer the more traditional look without it, so it's easy to snip it off with wire cutters and then file down.

Available now: ... toric.html

Edmontosaurus herd

Edmontosaurus juveniles
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