2017 Britcon Trade Show - Manchester 12 & 13 August

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2017 Britcon Trade Show - Manchester 12 & 13 August

Postby madaxeman » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:43 pm

The 2017 Britcon Trade Show

The Britcon Trade Show will be returning to the now-familiar surroundings of the Barnes Wallis Building at Manchester Uni over the weekend of 12th-13th August 2017 alongside the 3-day BHGS Britcon Convention

Just come along and we will let you in for free - yes, that's right, no entry cost at all! We know there is a recession out there, so we want you to be able to spend all of your hard earned cash with our loyal traders... and you can't say fairer than that!

If you wish to register in advance, we will send you special advance information on offers and show deals from our Britcon trader offers and updates on demo games as well. Register your details here: http://www.bhgs.org.uk/britcon-2017-traders.html

For details of the venue and how to get there, http://www.bhgs.org.uk/britcon---venue--directions.html

Current list of Traders: http://www.bhgs.org.uk/britcon-2017-traders.html

Ainsty Castings (Gripping Beast, Footsore, North Star, and LBMS Transfers) - Ancient & Modern / Donnington - Asylum Wargaming (Knight Models, Mantic Games, Warploque Miniatures, Daruma Productions, Twilight) - Colonel Bills (Unfeasibly Miniatures, Flags of War, Warbases, Belt Fed Gaming, Eagle Figures, Fighting 15's and Eureka, Coat d'Arms paints, Depot Battalion, EMP Games, Steel Fist Miniatures) - Daves Wargames - David Lanchester Books - Helion (Peter Dennis) - Hoka Hey - Instant Armies & Veteran Mins - KR Multicase - Lesley BitsBox - Magister Militium (Hallmark, Mainforce, GHQ, Miniature Worldmaker, JR Miniatures, Battleground, Oddial Ozmy and many others) - Mighty Lancer Games (Blood Bowl, Deadzone 2.0+, Dropfleet Commander, Kings Of War, Project Z, Reaper Miniatures, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Armada, Plastic Soldier Company, The Walking Dead, TT Combat, Victrix, Warmachine, Hordes)- Pen & Sword Publishing - Dave Thomas (Perry Miniatures, Fireforge, Conquest Games) - Realplace Terrain - The Pit - War HQ (Rubicon Models) -Sarissa Precision - Warlord Games

We also have a number of demo games, and a bar and cafeteria onsite

We hope to see you in Manchester this August 12th & 13th
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