Journal 85 of the SOTCW Published

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Journal 85 of the SOTCW Published

Postby pete284 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:29 am

Issue 85 of The Journal has just been published. Print members will be receiving their copy via post in the next couple of days. Digital subscribers have had the issue added to their digital subscription.


La Montée – Mechanisation and the Foreign Legion in the 1920s/30s
Operation Jericho 18/02/44 – Rules for the raid on Amiens Jail
Notes on the Great War – Part 2 of Rob Morgan's articles
Project Prodigal's Flying cars – Unusual British combat vehicles
Meet The Members – A question and answers with the new Editor
Royal Russian Jäger Battalion Number 27 – A lesser known formation from World War 1
Lelyushenko's Attack – A Division level scenario for Spearhead/Rapid Fire
MIGs in the Middle East – Aircraft article by Pete Gill
The Appeal of a Good Set of Rules – Introducing kids to wargames
Notes on the Rif War – Orbats
The Peru-Ecuador War of 1941 – Historical overview
The Waco CG-4 Glider – The most widely used US Glider of World War 2
Fictitious Kingdoms – Creating fictional locations for your campaign
Finding the ‘O's in Czech-o-slovakia – The short-lived state of Carpatho-Ukraine

Little Warriors – 10mm to 20mm figures and terrain reviews
The Armoury – 15mm & 20mm kit reviews
Rules of War – Rules reviews
Bookshelf – Book reviews
Rob's Rearguard Page
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