Tewkesbury Medieval Festival looking for WARGAMES PARTICIPAT

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Tewkesbury Medieval Festival looking for WARGAMES PARTICIPAT

Postby Annie » Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:10 am


Attention participation wargames clubs/groups. Would you like to reinact the battle of Tewkesbury over 11/12th July, at TEWKESBURY MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL? It's the largest medieval reinactment in Europe, which I have been working for since 2008, and am currently working with the directors to bring in a Wargames element (because why not!?) I've managed to wangle several awesome perks if you end up doing this, and well as the fact it'll be amazing. Playing toy soliders while real human sized ones walk around?! So what are the requirements?

-You'll need to provide all the gubbins. The models/boards/terrain and everything else. Tables to rest it all on and chairs will be provided. And all models painted!

- Ideally experience running games at wargames shows/events etc, but not necessary, basically you just need to be nice and engaging with the public at explaining what is happening and what you're doing (Not the sort of demo guys who ignore everyone!)

- Free that weekend!

- Any ruleset or scale is cool. Obviously the most historical and closest to the actual event (as documented!) is the best. There'll be all sorts of history types about...carrying polearms..

If you fit that, send me a private message on here and we can chat further! Cheers! (and definitely share among your buddies)

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