Photos from Targe 2014

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Photos from Targe 2014

Postby AndrewGPaul » Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:12 am

Fresh from the depths of Angus in Scotland. ... 014?sort=4

Aberdeen Wargames Club were doing the Battle of Benburb in 28mm
( )

I missed the actual subject of Angus Wargames Club's game; some sort of colonial game in North Africa or Afghanistan?

Border Reivers had a static display of a Horus Heresy game using 6mm sci-fi models and terrain from a variety of manufacturers.

Crooked Dice had some more "not-" miniatures on sale, as well as their new Danger 5 miniatures
( - caution, it starts playing music)

Dingwall Wargames Club were doing Pegasus Bridge in 28mm - If there's a show that _doesn't_ have someone running a Pegasus Bridge game, I've yet to see it.

Dunfermline Wargames Club were running the Battle of Bannockburn using Command And Colours Ancients rules and 15mm miniatures.
Durham Wargames Club were running Sails of Glory, with a goodly number of ships.

Figures In Comfort are now selling some oddly handy gaming periscopes.

Some shots of our fine, upstanding club members running Flames of War and Warzone Resurrection

Gourock Wargames Association had a 15mm French in Vietnam game.

Iron Brigade had a WW2 Far East game chock-full of jungle scenery. Check out the Japanese anti-tank bicycle!

The League of Augsberg had a snowy Battle of Fraustadt
( )

A selection of entries in the painting competition


And finally, the Too Fat Lardies WW2 Eastern Front game; sadly unattended when I took my photos.

Not pictured - me getting briefly lost in the bowels of the countryside and nearly killing myself in the rain and darkness somewhere on the M90.
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