Inquisitor Gaming Day: 28/09

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Inquisitor Gaming Day: 28/09

Postby greenstuff_gav » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:48 pm

so, possibly not of much interest to the frothing masses but thought i'd copy-pasta it here as TGN apparently isn't interested in posting it... yay more legwork for me!

Calling All Inquisitors!

The news has been heavy of late, with the Specialist Games range dwindling and models becoming unavailable.
And yet, The Conclave still stands. Our members host precious gaming and modelling articles, produce inspiring miniatures, develop new rules for playtesting and share their adventures on the tabletop.

The Conclave still organises and supports events throughout the year; the yearly Inquisitor Grand Tournament and several Conclave Gaming Days.
This announcement continues this theme; several tables have been booked at Warhammer World, Nottingham on 28 September 2013 for the latest Conclave Gaming Day - 'The Eramus Affair'.
During the day, players will investigate the fallout from a previous Conclave, dealing with an illegal weapons trade centered around the Rogue Trader Eramus, and Imperial world of Obcultus.

The playerpack can be found hosted on The Conclave:

and a corresponding forum thread:

The Conclave also recognises the changes in the manner Inquisitor has been played over the years. Originally released as a 54mm-scale wargame, it is now commonly played at both 54mm and 28mm scales, and both are welcome at this event.

From seasoned veterans to those interested in learning the game; all are welcome - the idea behind this Conclave is to gather a plethora of Inquisitor players; bring those who play and enjoy the game in to one place and keep supporting the community life of GW's only true roleplay miniatures game!

read this far? thanks for looking!
any questions and i'll do my best to answer!
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