H: Oldhammer / Midhammer Dwarves W: £s Goblins or High Elve

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H: Oldhammer / Midhammer Dwarves W: £s Goblins or High Elve

Postby Conflict_In_Colour » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:34 pm

Will sell for £750 for the lot or split as below, but ideally I'm looking to trade for Orcs & Goblins of a certain vintage OR well painted High Elves (no later than 4th Ed)

25x Marauder Landsknecht Dwarves MB1 (full command) metal £125
20x Slayers (full command) metal 1990s £100
19 x Bugmans Rangers (Regiment of Renown) metal 1987 £95
1 x Goblobber compete with original box, crew and chef! (Machineries of destruction 1987) £90
12 x Pirate Slayers (full command) regiment of Renown £50
1x Dwarf gyrocopter (metal) £30
8 x Dwarf Lords of Legend (metal) £40
16 x Dwarf Miners £70
1 x organ gun (metal) + crew £30
1 x metal flame cannon (metal) + crew £25
1 x dwarf Swivel gun (metal) £20
10 x metal dwarf thunderers (metal) £45
10 x dwarf metal warriors £45
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