SALE: Massive collection 28mm Old Glory 'Chicago' buildings

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SALE: Massive collection 28mm Old Glory 'Chicago' buildings

Postby Conflict_In_Colour » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:25 am

Here’s a BARGAIN

A massive collection of Old Glory buildings in 28mm (not available in the UK)

They are massive models with removable roof and floor sections

3 x Empire Block 1
1 x Empire Block 2
2 x Corner Cafe
1 x Yonkers Department Store
2 x O’Banions Flower Shop
3 x White Horse Building
1 x Dublins Corner
1 x Bugsy Morans Garage
5 x Radcliffe Building
5 x Additional Floor Extensions
2 x Small Warehouse
1 x Rooftop Water Tower
9 x Rooftop Acces Doorways
5 x Skylights
1 x Outside Wall Lamps

Some are painted, most are not, but this is a truly massive set up.

PLUS: a custo made Chicago street cloth from Tiny Wargames measuring 6x4 feet

This has a conservative RRP of £1300

Asking £450.00
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