Noch terrain boards, Runequest & Swordpoint

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Noch terrain boards, Runequest & Swordpoint

Postby Conflict_In_Colour » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:25 pm

Bought new in April directly from Noch these cost £275.

They have never been used and have had static grass and details added.

This can give you an 8x6 foot or even 12x14 gaming area.


Swordpoint 2nd Ed Rules, Dark Age lists an Medieval lists

ASKING £27 plus postage

Runquest Reprints - The entire set of 14 books in the RQ2 Classic Reprints from Chaosium.
A good saving at £120

These will now not get used due to the disintegration of my gaming group.

Postage in UK, £10 but will ship worldwide at cost based on your location.
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