Modern Infantry Cobat - interactive!

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Modern Infantry Cobat - interactive!

Postby Bugeyed » Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:08 pm

Just finished 'Infantry Combat - The Rifle Platoon' by John F Antal - it's a modern (post Gulf) Fighting Fantasy style scenario, with you as a US Lt. charged with a platoon holding action against an unspecified (but Soviet armed) attacker.

Reasonably well written, kept me reading 'just one more section' a few times and with some challenges. You make your choice of defensive approach based on the opening info and then turn to the Sections based on your choices - there are a few dice roles to reflect luck/fate thrown in as well.

I enjoyed it, learnt a few tips along the way (bit obvious what to do sometimes) but worth the £5 asked at Abe Books. ISBN 089141536X if your interested.

He's also written Armour Attacks - The Tank Platoon, which since I have no idea about tank tactics, should be an education when it arrives.
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