Aircraft of World War I- Jack Herris & Bob Pearson

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Aircraft of World War I- Jack Herris & Bob Pearson

Postby Big Jim » Thu Nov 27, 2014 2:21 pm

Picked this hardback book up from The Works for £4.99.

Nice introduction to the aircraft and various fronts of the war, with brief histories of notable events. Specifications and aircraft details are given along side colour illustrations which show everything from standard paint jobs through to the more exotic. It even includes seaplanes and flying boats, something I didn't really think about as being involved in the war.

All in all a very nice and easily digestible introduction to WWI aircraft and a helpful reference book.

Full details:
The essential aircraft identification guide.
Aircraft of World War I 1914 -1918
Jack Herris and Bob Pearson
Amber Books
ISBN 978-1-906626-65-5
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