Grainy Primer Problems

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Re: Grainy Primer Problems

Postby GetChickenized » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:00 pm

Australian Dawn wrote:I've been priming Minis with corax white citadel spray and most of the time I get minis that look fuzzy and grainy, I've spent days spraying and scrubbing and spraying again over and over, I googled the problem and the most likely cause seems to be the weather but where I live it's always hot and sticky so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on avoiding the problem?

Thanks for any advice.

Unbelievably it seems Citadel don't even have a pot version of Corax white, I've spent the day being told by hobby shop attendants that Ceramite white is a match for it. WTF? Are they blind, or is it me?
Corax is a much greyer shade than Ceramite IMHO, I highlighted up from Corax to Cerimite, and now I want to touch up the Corax areas, and They don't even sell Corax in a pot! [rest of moaning missive omitted]

Highlight? Who the fuck highlights primer? :roll:

Have you suffered a traumatic head injury? Or do you just get off on whining over nothing?

Or do you mean 'basecoat', not 'primer', you dim twat?

...and what VFL said.
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Re: Grainy Primer Problems

Postby Voice From Limbo » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:47 pm

Though in a somewhat different tone. . . 0;)
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Re: Grainy Primer Problems

Postby Australian Dawn » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:11 am

Yes I decided to use it as a base coat for that particular mini as it had a very pale grey/ off white colour, a bit like an old sock that had been washed many times, that I thought would work nicely as a base for Mr X's (he's an old golden age superhero, like early superman when he was more street level from what I can tell) partially white suit, a bit less perfectly white than I'd do a modern day or more impressive hero and will with some of my other heroes, and I could have his base Corax white to match and without the highlighting it wouldn't compete with the figure, that was the theory anyway.

Anyway, after gooleing Corax white I read somewhere that GW stores did have a Corax sold in a pot (which seems to be incorrect, I should have just asked here), and as I keep reading how GW stores have changed for the better since the old days I decided to take the plunge and track one of the elusive beasts down to see what they have to offer over the independent stores, expecting they'd at least have the full range of paints on display for all to see, the current GW hobby tool set the GW site says they have in their shops, etc.

I hadn't been in a GW shop in ages, and thought it was about time I checked one out.

I didn't have the highest of hopes but I was a bit shocked how customer unfriendly the store was, especially for new customers, (something they apparently don't want these days but that GW stores were, for all their faults, all about getting their hooks into back in the days I would occasionally peruse one, fending off overenthusiastic staff ready to gush about whatever army had just had the most resent codex release and could wipe the floor with every other army now, if only you bought all the new models they'd just released.) Not that the attendant didn't ask if he could assist, he did, before scurrying back to eye me warily from his counter, but that it was entirely set up that without his constant assistance and armed with a complete knowledge of GW products and knowing exactly what you're after you really could only walk carefully around the display table in the middle of the floor craning you neck to look at three walls towering with unpriced boxes and walk out again.

As I said, I didn't expect much, but I was shocked all the same.
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