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Occupation: Rainfall

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:56 am
by Australian Dawn
I was unfortunate enough to see the recent Aussie Sci-fi movie Occupation, I saw it out of some strange impulse of patriotic masochism, I try occasionally to support the local industry even when common sense tells me I'll almost certainly be disappointed, and yes, it was disappointing. Very.
So how come I read it's getting a sequel?
Who pays for this shit?

Anyway, it probably goes without saying you should give Occupation a miss, and if the sequel is anything like the first you should avoid Occupation: Rainfall as well.

As an Australian and Sci-Fi fan I am deeply ashamed and apologise to movie and Sci-Fi lovers everywhere, this nation has a fine tradition of intelligent and innovative movie making and speculative fiction, which this show getting a sequel shits all over. :(