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Ghost in the Shell

Postby Steders » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:35 pm

Okay fuckers. I'm now up to date with all GITS stuff produced (films and TV series)*!!*. Here is my half arsed guide. GITS has 2 separate timelines. The 2 animated movies and the TV series. Both use the same characters and both have similar themes
Ghost in the shell (1995) Fantastic film, if you haven't seen it, you are a cock. Moves at its own pace.
Innocence GITS2 2004 I really like this film, some of the animation is spectacular. Truly beautiful. Apparently not a true sequel (although I think it is). Doesn't really add anything to the first film, just more of the same but prettier.
TV Series
Stand Alone Complex 2002 Ok, some poor episodes but with a story arc that is great. There are also some fantastic episodes, I like the music and some of the ideas for games are excellent. Enjoyed this
Stand alone complex 2nd GIG 2004 I enjoyed this as much as the first season. The story is bigger, music louder and again its bursting with gaming scenarios.
Stand alone Complex: Solid State Society 2006 A made for TV film, its not bad and has higher level of carnage compared to some of the TV episodes. Not bad
Ghost in the Shell: Arise 2015 Origins story that messes with some of the stuff from the SAC timeline. Have to admit this didn't do it for me. The music is not great, the stories poor and it feels very unnecessary. We already picked up backstories for quite a few of the team already. It also doesn't make sense, some characters meet and then meet again with out knowing each other.
*!!* Just found there is another fucking film!! From 2015. I'll have to watch it


The 2 films are great, well worth a watch. Interesting ideas and the second film is stunning to look at. I would also give the first 2 seasons of SAC ago but be aware. Just when you think its going to deliver a stunning revelation or character development they hit the re-set button. The characters are so beloved that they are never really in jeopardy. The arcs in both seasons are good and get you engaged but the high stakes aren't high when the main characters are safe. Also, I find the major dull. Shes fine in the films but in the TV series its the supporting cast that have to do all the leg work. The major is a truly 1d character in a 2d world. The TV series can be annoying with huge info dumps as well, just to make sure the kids at the back got it. I'd also like to know more about the war that most of them had served in, we get scant details about it and one great flashback episode.

As for Arise, just skip it unless you are a completest, some of the scripting is terrible. Not great, it should of been set during the war. It tries to do the 'first they hated each other then they respect each other thing' with crap results. Plus the major kills loads of the friends of three of her future team. Not hurt or incapacitate, she fucking shoots them dead. Considering they were acting out of loyalty to old war comrades they never shed a fucking tear for all of the 'mates' she guns down. Plus these old loyal soldiers who love their country seem incredibly easy going with using massive amounts of firepower on a busy road and blowing the fuck out of random cars.
The major is asked to set up a team, a flexible team, a highly skilled team outside the normal chain of command, a classified special team. Then the bloke asking her to set it up nearly has an aneurism because she only has five team members and not six!! Protocol and rules demand she has 6! Not 5! Not 7! Fucking 6!! Do you hear me? 6!! Its like the SAS aren't allowed to go on a mission because they forgot the regulation stapler.
Of course, this hissy fit is to introduce the last member of the team, but fuck me what a wank way of doing it.

Alright, I know they are cartoons so fuck you all
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