Welcome to the all new web forums!

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Welcome to the all new web forums!

Postby webmaster » Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:26 pm

Hello frothers!

All hail, for he has risen! Finally we have the new forums, all cleaned up with new styles, new security, broken things fixed and all that. It should work much better on your mobile devices too, for those who like to froth on the move.

We've archived off topics that haven't seen any recent action (but we'll be bringing the archive back on line soon). And yes, there is an edit button (you should be able to amend your own messages for up to an hour after posting).

There are a few differences to get used to:

  1. A number of things have been set back a bit to create a simpler (looking) interface, e.g.:
    1. Some boards have now been grouped into categories - you can click to view the whole category or go through to your fave subforum from the home page, but obviously you can't post to a category.
    2. Your post box is in your User Control Panel, as is your profile, settings and Friends and Foes list (you'll need to rebuild this)
  2. On the subject of post boxes, this will no longer delete old mails when your folder is full, you will now need to clear some space before you can view new messages. However you can set a load of new rules (or revert to autodelete) including creating new folders which each have their own size limits.
  3. Guests or those who aren't logged in will need to answer a simple question before they can post - this is better than direct moderation (in that it is quicker and requires less work on our part) and captchas (which always get cracked within 2 hours of being set up). Just pick the right answer from the list (which is written as one word e.g. Q) C3P0 is GreenRedToastGoldMuppet A) Gold)

Any other problems, and there are bound to be a few, post them here. General site questions stick them in this forum and some kind frother will help out.
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