Things you may may missed on Steam

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Things you may may missed on Steam

Postby Useless_Gonzo » Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:46 am

Firstly, Clockwork Empires. Its a "town builder" set in a Victorian steampunk setting with a twist....just add a little Lovecraft into the mix :D

Its early access, but now in a stable (and playable) build. It's got some nice twists as your settlers go slowly insane (effects include joining a cult and murdering other settlers, turning to cannibalism etc). Some tough choices ahead, do you effect a non aggression policy with the Deep Ones (if you do, they bring you gifts from the deep, however each visit can cause some of your setters to become unhinged...but then you don't have to suffer periodic raids from the the Deep Ones). There's no tutorial really, but I would recommend watching a few youtube vids to learn how to play ... KgIoqe4Sfr

Next up is Lumino City, a slow moving puzzel game. This deserves a mention because of the innovation used in making the game.

To make.....

Also "Ëvil Genius" is available on Steam (makes you look at those Crooked Dice minis again for an inspiration for a minis game). It's an old un, but a good un (if you haven't got this already)

Finally "Defend the Hightlands", its another early access game, its a bit early....but keep it on your radar. I actually think its a game Frank might like. It actually manages to offend everyone, and makes em laugh at the same time :D

Here's what happens when you let a Geordie loose on the game

Sorry for all the Youtube links, but I've yet to find out how you link from Steam.
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Re: Things you may may missed on Steam

Postby freakinacage » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:05 am

Some interesting stuff there, thanks
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