Issuing orders after the army has been deployed.

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Issuing orders after the army has been deployed.

Postby Lord of the Bears » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:04 am

Hi Frothers,
a new question to You:
In the Fantasy Warriors Rulebook, chapter "Issuing Orders" (page 17) it is not clarified if the Warchief and the Battle Leaders must have all the Units to their orders within their Command range. We have thought that they should have them to understand the order that has been "issued" to them (presumed by the Warchief), otherwise we must ask how they can "receive" the order the Units that are distant from their Commander, perhaps several kilometers away.

If you leave the Players free to deploy the Units even very far from their Commander, you could have situations like this:
1. The Barbarian Warchief or a Barbarian Battle Leader has at his command a Mammouth and a Giant Rhino. Or two Giants. He is placed in the center of the deployment, sheltered, protected by other Units of other Commands, instead the two Giant Creatures are placed on the two extreme sides of the table, very far from the limit of the Command range.
2. Orders are "issued".
3) The "Attack" order is "issued" to the Warchief/Battle Leader who controls the two Giant Creatures.
4) We do not know how, but this order is also received by the two Creatures, which will begin the battle by attacking the sides at opposite ends of the enemy army.
5) Change orders? And who cares, so we do not want to change them!

We, Naran Team, believe that "issuing" orders at the beginning of the battle should have the same restrictions as regards the question of having all the Units within the Command range, as it is expressly indicated for the subsequent "changes" of the orders.
What do you think about it ?
Many thanks.

Naran Team Turin
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