a question about Nick Lund's F.W. Campaign

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a question about Nick Lund's F.W. Campaign

Postby Lord of the Bears » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:35 am

a question about Nick Lund's Fantasy Warriors Campaign
In Phase 6 - Time of Campaigns Regulations it is indicated:
Rules for Time.
¨ Each turn of the Campaign represents one day.
¨ During this phase, add another day of the Campaign.
In PHASE 3 - MOVEMENT, based on the result of the test, considering all modifiers, a Force can move from:
a) up to a square
b) up to 2 squares
c) up to 3 squares
So the maximum movement you can do in a day is 3 squares.
But how many kilometers are "3 squares"? Nick Lund did not specify it.

It can be assumed that on average an army of an ancient-medieval (and fantasy) type can travel every day (24 hours, ie day and night) about 50 km in eight / ten hours of walking; then they must stop to rest and rinfill. We believe that this distance can be considered quite correct, as we have read that the Roman Legions traveled on average 70 km a day. It follows that 3 quadrants could correspond on the map at this distance, ie 50 Km.
50 Km correspond to 50.000 cm, dividing by 3 we obtain that every quadrant corresponds to 17 Km, that is to 17.000 cm; therefore the scale of the map should be 1: 17.000, ie one cm (side of a quadrant) on the map corresponds to 17.000 cm, that is to 17 km on the ground.
The grid of the map should then be made up of 1 cm squares of side.
However, if you want to use quadrants having 2.5 cm of side (1 inch), since the square must always correspond to 17 km, dividing 17,000 by 3 you get that the scale will be 1: 6800 (1 cm = 6.8 km).
Does it seem right to you?
How do you do the Campaign maps?

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