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Hellenes against Orcs: a legendary battle.

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 5:24 pm
by Lord of the Bears
by informing you about the come out of the new army of the Hellenes and the Heroes of Parnassus, we present again the battle fought by this army against the Orcs in Milan Wargame 2013 Exposition. The Hellenes also deployed an Allied Command of Centaurs and with the Heroes of Parnassus there was also the heroine Axena on a war chariot pulled by two Centauresse.
The Centaurs will be part of the Army of the Creatures of Arcadia, while Axena, which is part of the Heroes of Mount Ida, will be included in the book of the Amazons of next exit. The army of the Arcadia Creatures and the army of the Arcadians & Thracians will follow.

This is the link to the page of our site where you can see images of that battle. ... cs_01.html

This is instead the page of the new army of the Hellenes and Heroes of the Parnassus: ... llenes.htm

Good vision.

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Sandro & Sergio
Naran Team Torino