New english version of the Naran armies books

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New english version of the Naran armies books

Postby Lord of the Bears » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:15 am

Hello everyone, wargamer friends.
The Naran Team Torino is pleased to announce you that it has started the work of English translation of the books of the armies of Naran Fantasy Wars, which at the end of 2012 amounted to 68. With the occasion we are proceeding to a review and integration of some of them, in order to eliminate possible duplication that can be verified over time. In doing the translation, we proceed therefore also to the revision of the Italian version of the same.

We started by preparing a "Naran" version of the “Fantasy Warriors Companion by Nick Lund”, containing 12 armies plus that of Auxiliaries and Mercenaries. We called these armies lists: "basic version". This is the link to the page of our site from where you can download it for free: ... panion.htm

The first two revised and translated armies are that of the Orcs and that of the Imperial Legions of Rome.
The army of the Orcs, being one of the 12 of the F.W.Companion, consists of two parts:
1) the "basic" part, which corresponds to the army list that is in “F.W. Companion”, which you can download for free from this page of our site: ... 2018_a.pdf

2) the "extra" part, that is the "Naran" expansion, which must be purchased from this site:

The book of the army of the Imperial Legions of Rome, being totally "made in Naran", you have to buy it from this site:

To use the "Naran" army lists you must also get the book of "Special Rules of Naran Fantasy Wars", which can also be purchased through this site:

We have given you the opportunity to purchase, saving, a "Starter Pack" which includes the two army lists and the book of the Special Rules of Naran Fantasy Wars:

In this page of our site we have put the links to the pages of the Mirliton site, from which you can download (so far free) the original English Rulebook of Fantasy Warriors, the “F.W.Companion by Nick Lund” and other material from the former Grenadier: ... _rules.htm

We invite you to visit the pages of the Bentbox site where we have put and we will put our new books of armies of Naran Fantasy Wars:

Sandro & Sergio – Naran Team Torino
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