Auerstadt 1806 in 15mm

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Auerstadt 1806 in 15mm

Postby Madmac » Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:52 pm

Last week, we finished playing out the battle of Auerstadt using Carnage and Glory 2......tremendous battle and a great time......we were able to field over 75,000 troops at 33:1.......about 2,300 figures.

Full AAR at the blog: ... ory-2.html

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Re: Auerstadt 1806 in 15mm

Postby Yarkshire Gamer » Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:39 pm

Great looking game
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Re: Auerstadt 1806 in 15mm

Postby Bronshtein » Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:41 pm

Visually stunning and sounds like a really engaging game.

Auerstadt is one of those battles that everyone yearns to replicate as a wargamer (from Davout's point of view of course!) but I always find impossible to do satisfactorily.

I don't think it's a battlefield rules problem necessarily - there probably are rules out there that would let a corps defeat an army - but how you don't let the Prussians just steamroller the French is difficult.

You have to disguise the scenario, bolt on operational level dislocation and distrust and misunderstanding and then it looks like the thing is too fixed against the Prussians. Which it probably is, but you don't want the Prussian player to feel that.

I admire you for giving it a good go, and the look of it is fantastic.
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Re: Auerstadt 1806 in 15mm

Postby nevermore » Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:30 pm

I love large battles, bet it was fun to game
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