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Re: Incredibullshit

Post by Australian Dawn » Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:13 am

Seen 'em. They pretty much nailed it.
The shows are a mess, a salad of half-baked ideas they didn't really take the effort to work out properly or contemplate the implications.

Re: Incredibullshit

Post by Australian Dawn » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:54 am

That post was in reply to Mr Incredible, I'll look at those links as soon as I can Voice from Limbo.

Re: Incredibullshit

Post by Australian Dawn » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:41 am

It seems pretty overt. He goes from Mr Incredible to Parr FFS, which is an obvious play on the word par as in standard or average, they are NOT being subtle so I think they're obviously playing with some heavy concepts or trying to or pretending to, exceptionalism, class, individual vs. society things like that, but whether they're saying anything coherent or not or if the messages coming through is that intended I'm not so sure.
It is after all in the end a shameless cash in on nostalgia for an pretty damn old animated show theoretically aimed at kids, any message would be a distant secondary consideration to the :$: :$: :$:

Re: Incredibullshit

Post by Voice From Limbo » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:21 am

Re: Incredibullshit

Post by Mr Incredible » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:32 am

If you are looking for it you will find it.

You can ruin the enjoyment you might get from a flick by looking too hard for what might not be intended at all.


Post by Australian Dawn » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:12 pm

I just watched the Incredibles and Incredibles 2 back to back with my family, and am I wrong or is there some weird right wing class messages and symbolism in these shows? I mean more than usual for a superhero show.

If so I must be obtuse as I didn't really notice it before, so maybe I'm just reading way to much into an animation (but then they took long enough to getting around to making this last one it should have some depth to it, they must have had something to say and I'll find it damn it!) but the Supers seem like some weird pre-revolutionary French aristocratic class that have lost their spot in the natural/social order, and it is a given that their position should be restored to them and any social climbers or pretenders to their station learn their place or be classed and punished as villains.

Here's the gist of my thinking/delusional conspiracy theory.
As far as I can see the supers are seen as all good, they got their powers as a birth right (massively emphasised by Jack Jacks extra heaping helping of powers, them's good genes people!) and are therefore entitled to a certain standard of living and (excessive and costly to society as it seems from others viewpoints) behaviour.
The first villain is a middleclass social climber, he sees how the supers live, likes it, want's in, and works to get what nature didn't give him at birth.
He's slapped down badly after showing that, despite obviously having been competent up until the cameras show him facing the protagonists, his amazing abilities aren't really up to the real inbred powers of a natural born super.

The next villain, the Underminer, is so clearly representative of a lower/working class uprising with a grudge against those whom he considers look down on him from higher in the social structure I don't think it's even worth talking about, his workers clothes and his opening speech pretty much spells it out.

The last (spoilers for the second movie) villain is clearly of the educated elite, her family has (and still is even when the heroes are down and out) invested big time in the supers-on-top social order, but she has left wing leanings, wants people to think and act for themselves (although this is implied to be hypocritical by having her rely on mind control to achieve her ends) and is literally a traitor to her own kind (The ideals of her dead father but especially to her brother who is shown to be an idiot but basically acceptable as a supporter of the establishment, although not to be trusted).

The bad guys never seem to be supers.
They're inventers and upstart James Bond villains fighting way above their league/station against honest to goodness Supermen.
They never seem to personally be a physical threat one on one to the heroes, hell where any other show would have revelled in the opportunity to bring in an OTT supervillain team, Incredibles 2 instead goes with brainwashing heroes to fill this role, as if to emphasise that one on one the villains just can't mix it with the big boys.

When completely out of character and out of nowhere Mrs Incredible started monologing about marketing and is directly compared to the brainless business executive by his arty-farty lefty (villain) sister, I couldn't believe it! Where the hell was that coming from? She take a course in marketing between films or something?

The general moral underpinning of these movies all seems very old fashioned and ye olde worlde to me, just gifts and entitlement from birth, no veneer of reward for hard work or smarts, no land-of-opportunity-if-you-work-hard/say-your-prayers/eat-your-vegies, just superiors and inferiors, and the idea that supers may lose their standing and have to keep their heads down and pretend they aren't better than and entitled to be treated differently to everyone else, but that's all rubbish and not "respectful" (tug that forelock peasant!) to supers, and they are due more from society, the laws of which they are above, and which should acknowledge their Super-iority.

I realise they were probably going for some sort of minority rights vibe, but it just didn't jibe that way for me. Maybe I just expected too much and am looking for a deeper meaning that isn't there.

Fuck, I should have bought Ant-Man instead.

What did you guys think?