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General Wargaming Sites

If you like to fish your miniatures out of their display cases every now and then for a bit of dice rolling and swearing, you should check out our favourite wargaming sites for ideas.

Society of the Ancients
The international amateur society for ancient and medieval wargamers and for study of the military history of the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD. Your one stop shop for all aspects of ancient and medieval warfare. -Doc

Terra Genesis
Want to know how to make a tree out of an old sock? Well check this site out- great ideas and some nice pictures to inspire your terrain building. - bAz
Excellent collection of tips & techniques- We'll never need a FU!UK terrain page while these guys are around! -Doc

India Wargamers
This is a great site from a bunch of true frothers- Indian style!
Articles include a treatise on wargaming without miniatures- if you want are a wargamer in India then you need to see this site! And even if you aren't, go and check out the reports from their battles- we fell about! This is the model for all battle reports from now on! -Doc
Web Grognards
Great site for wargamers- the emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames do feature. A 'Grognard' is someone who likes playing wargames, if you didn't know. -Doc
Battlegames - Online Magazine for Wargamers
Henry the Editor loves a good froth, and his pages are great fun to explore. Also contains an extensive list of wargames clubs. - bAz
Not much on fantasy wargaming, but a good few generic articles that bear studying. -Doc
South East London Wargames group
The South East London Wargames Group are a bunch of frothers who meet and organise all kinds of deranged frothings from their secret base in South London. Their site has info on their activities across the UK including events listings, results, league tables and pictures(!) and links to their favoured traders. Be sure to pay a visit to the miniatures gallery, and if you play in the London area why not pay them a visit in person? -Doc
South Jersey Confederation of Wargamers [CLOSED]
These Philidelphia wargamers produced an excellent e-zine 'The Volunteer' which detailed their wacky games... but have decided to retire their website for some reason! No, guys, the web needs you! -Doc.

Free Wargames

Free wargames you say? To download on the web? Nonsense!

Free Wargames Rules
Enough nonsense from us, frother Pete Jones has compiled a truly excellent list of free wargames on the web here, to save us the bother! Top man! Well categorised, easily navigable and kept bang up to date, this is how it should be done! -Doc
Crazy game of fantasy napoleonics(!), with basic rules downloadable! Unique miniatures too (you're gonna need them to play this!)-Doc
Hamster Press
Chris Engle introduces the Matrix game. No its not based on the film with Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburn and Carrie Ann Moss (mmm), but a role-playing/battle game where each player can 'suggest' how the story progresses, even what another player's character/country/race/cow is doing! The referee then only has to determine how likely each description is and roll a dice to see if it is true!

Looks like great fun, ideal of pbem play and easily adaptable for any kind of setting- full reports of our SciFi version when we get around to it! -Doc
Destroy All Monsters!
John Xavier Crimmins brings you the game that lets you play with your old monster toys and fight Mecha-Godzilla vs Giant Rancor! Climb buildings and swat helicopters! Woohoo! -Doc

If we missed out your favourite wargaming links, or you disagree with our assessment of those listed here, why not let us know? Whether you're reporting a dead link, or telling us about another free ruleset, just e-mail the webmaster or post it up on the Suggestions Forum....

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