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General Roleplaying Sites

The finest in non-specific roleplaying resources, ranging from the sublime to the hilarious.

This fantastic independent site has been around a lot longer than we have and is a huge resource, featuring forums, news, reviews, art and a wealth of creator-owned works. Aimed at promoting the RPG industry as a whole, its well worth a visit believe you me! -Doc
The Forge
A very well-realised attempt to create a context for 'serious' discussion of RPG- theory, which makes for an interesting and intelligent read (if you can get into it). Even for those less interested in RPGs as a scientific discipline, the resource library is excellent and a worthy resource.
Free RPG's on the Web
A categorised guide to free table-top RPGs, compiled by John H. Kim. -Doc
Demonground -Reflections of a Darker Future
Quarterly zipped modern horrer fanzine, free to download (pdf format). -Rob

A definite must read, I've been following it for years and it's great if you like the sort of Call of Cthulhu, Dark conspiracy, urban horror kind of thing. -DemonEtrigan
City of Solis Library
Cool RPG resources including detailed maps and floorplans including atmospheric prose and pictures to go with them! Some adventures too, especially for Middle Earth. They are expanding into Sci Fi too it seems! -Doc
Critical Miss Magazine
The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers continues its sporadic assault on the world of sensible roleplaying! Featuring articles such as "The Bastard GM's Handbook" (Issue 6) and "Pimp: The Free Collectible Card Game" (Issue 5) CM has a lot of useful ideas for the modern gamer, all presented in an entirely irreverent style. Be warned, you just might piss yourself! -Doc

RPG Independents

Everyone thinks they can write their own RPG, but we all know you'll never manage it (you lame-o). These guys all did it though, and published online- so you could at least go and check them out! Well?!?

Nearside Games
This is the home of The Nearside Project a must for all those roleplaying frothers out there the game will be fully supported through the web site with downloads including character sheets scenarios and much more. Visit them and support them because they do this just because they like it! -bAz
Limestone Games
Home of the humorous fantasy game where the traditional knights and dragons have to compete for attention with aliens, mechs, superheroes and soda corporations etc... certainly worth a look. -bAz

Specific Roleplaying Sites

Here are what we consider the most useful links to the games we play. Its not independent at all, but we wouldn't want you to think we were a bunch of roleplaying pariahs who only play home-brewed systems and spend our printing budgets knocking out independent games from a CD...

Many dedicated gamers from across the world have worn their fingers into bloody stumps sharing their ideas and frothings with the online community... so get out there and join them!
Steve Jackson Games
Home of the ever-expanding ranges for GURPS, the Generic Universal Role-playing System as well as other SJG products like In Nomine and Car Wars. Resource rich and very well set out -Doc.
Blue Room GURPS
Ex-SJG writer S.John Ross runs a fantastic collection of GURPS material, including some famous (and brilliant) home-rules that no serious GURPS player should be without! -Doc
GURPS Vehicle Designer
Making GURPS vehicles can be hard work, but this resource takes the edge off by making all those pesky calculations for you! Build any vehicle from a dog-sled to a star cruiser in record time!
GURU Homepage
Character Design Program for GURPS.  Quite a useful little tool for the novice and (perhaps) experienced players.  Makes tweaking your characters min/max values a doddle!!!  -Maynard.
The In Nomine Collection
Chris Anthony maintains this useful resource centre for those playing at angels and demons -Doc.
Official ShadowRun Site
You'll quite often find us roleplaying a highly dysfunctional group of characters in FASA's blend of Gibson and Tolkein. Sadly our support wasn't sufficient to keep FASA afloat. But we hope Wizkids- the new owners- will be knocking out some quality product soon...
ShadowRun Archive
This site is a very useful index of Shadowrun articles from Deckers the world over -Doc.
ShadowRun Webring
Index of Shadowrun's extensive online community -Doc.
The ShadowSource Website
Another huge depository of all things for ShadowRun -UnclEvl
Shadowrun Dead End Team
Very stylish SRun site with lots of cool content- rules, background, articles and of course- gear! -Doc
- simply masses more stuff of a ShadowRun ilk -UnclEvl.
R.Talisorian Games
Home of the Cyberpunk RPG, Castle Falkenstein RPG and more -UnclEvl.
White Wolf
Yea, I know, but we enjoy a game in the World of Darkness every now and then and this is the hub of all things Dark. -Doc
Storyteller Resources
So when we do play WOD we naturally ask frother Mikey "Prince of London" Nudd to take us into one of his many elaborate campaign settings- find out about the art of Storytelling and delve into Mikey's interpretation of White Wolf's World of Darkness at his website. -Doc
CRD sector
Steve Criddle provides this resource for Paranoia- the strangely under-represented game of lasers, comedy communists, insane bureaucracy and malfunctioning scrub bots -Doc.

Hogshead Publishing
Intrepid publishers of some great RPGs that would otherwise have fallen to the wayside, most notably Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Baron Munchausen and SLA Industries. -Doc

So those are our roleplaying links- think you know better? If you can tell us of sites that match the quality of these, let us know! Its easy really, just e-mail the webmaster or post it up on the Suggestions Forum....

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