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General CCG Links

Covering a range of Collectible Collectible Card Games, these sites should hold some interest for any student of the venerable art of card-flopping.

CCG Workshop
Creator of the gatlingEngine, a fantastic system for playing CCGs online and with nearly 20 games covered, this is the next best thing to sitting around a table down the pub with your favourite deck... and you don't have to track down those rare cards either! Expect to see a few of us frothers in the Doomtown zone... -Doc

CCG Clubs

Because Collectible Card Games are no fun if you've noone to swap or flop with! These groups organise games and tournaments, and often have interesting websites too. Your club not featured? Then why haven't you been in touch? Mail the webmaster now!

South East London Wargames group
They play cards as well as wargames! Their pet CCGs are Mythos, 7th Sea and Doomtown to get the lowdown on UK events organised by the club. Go to Sy "Blackjack" Hughes' Doomtown site to see where I (Nick "Doc" Ashton), UnclEvl (aka "Evil Genius" Booth) and (Brother) Maynard Halili placed at the Gencon UK 2000 tournament! -Doc

Doomtown Sites

Our favourite CCG gets its own links section. Well its my favourite anyway, and I'm the webmaster so if you don't like it... well... get your own feckin' website.

Doomtown - The Crows Nest
The most worthy DT resource from Gomorrah's longest-serving Sherrif, Gerry Crowe. Includes the largest collection of decks on the net. - Doc
The Fuzzy Duck
Mat Bowles runs a very tidy web index for all things Doomtown, taking up the mantle as Keeper of the Official FAQ and Rulings, as well as hosting a selection of Doomtown decks at the, er, Fuzzy Duck(?!) -Doc.
Doomtown - Card Explorer
Great resource for DT players by honorary frother Steve Wales, who has programmed a database to take care of all your Doomtown needs. Record your collection, sort out your wants and even create, save and analyse your new killer decks! -Doc
Frothers Unite! DT page
Well, you made it this far didn't you?
Our very own guide to this great game features a glossary of terms used by the old-timers still residing in Gomorrah's many remaining saloons and #kof#kof brothels. -Doc

Vampire:The Eternal Struggle Sites

The Dead Deputy favours a game of V:TES every now and then- kinda figures doesn't it? Heres his selection of links for crypt-dwelling card-floppers.

Praxis Seizure: London
Mikel Nudd, a *very* good friend of the Dead Deputy, presents this night dweller's feast, including deck lists and a calender of UK events in the World of Darkness card game. And hes the Prince of London, don't ya know... -Doc.
Frothers Unite! V:TES Pages
The Dead Deputy emerges under cover of darkness to present our own V:TES pages.

If you know of any other CCG sites offering the same kind of support as those we're listing here, then let make sure you let us know! If you tell us when our links are dead, or a new site needs flagging up, you can help us create a worthy resource for card-floppers everywhere. E-mail the webmaster, or post your ideas on the Suggestions Forum.

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