Alternative Norse Miniatures

Selected by the White Knight


25. Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures are primarily a line of miniatures for the collector and painter. Based on the artworkby Larry Elmore and Keith Parkinson, the figures are currently sold in sets, but will be made available individually in the near future. The first Parkinson set has one amazing valkyrie figure, sculpted by Tom Meier.

26. Eastern Front Studios

Another beginning company doing two ranges: the aquatic "Fathoms Deep" and the traditional "Dungeon Crawl" lines. They are also working on a "Myths of Legend" line, of which the first figure represents Odin. The figure is 54mm, but since he's a God, he might still find a place among 28mm vikings.

27. Hasslefree Miniatures

Kev White's own line of fantasy and scifi models. No rank and file vikings at the moment, but Liberty, Female Viking is one character model that will stand out on the table.

28. Westwind Productions

The Dwarf Wars range has a line of humans called the Nordvolk. Basically these are fantasy vikings (and nice ones too). Remember that the Dwarf Wars figures are larger than your average historical fig. So far, theaxe regiment and armed villagers are available.


29. Britannia Miniatures

Another UK-based manufacturer of historical miniatures. The main focus is on modern, 19th century and Napoleonic miniatures, but they do have an "Ancients and Dark Ages" range which allegedly includes about a dozen vikings. Earlier problems with the quality of the casting metal seem to have been fixed.

30. Fantozy

Small Oz-based fantasy range by sculptor Mike Broadbent (of Maidenhead fame). These are only available at conventions. There are a few vikings in the range.


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Finally, do remember that Saxons work well as ersatz vikings!

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